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Jezi’s CAS CC Suggestions – Part 1

Now that The Sims 4 base game is free we are going to have some new Simmers!  And what better way to start off your Simming adventures than having CC installed?  We all know I cannot play or even look at the game without complaining horribly with no CC… so… Hi my name is Jezi and I will be your guide to everything you need for a good start on your CC hoarding… I mean downloading.  So here we go Jezi’s starter CAS CC Suggestions – Part 1!

CC Links are in the one color lookbook – Olive Green Blog

Warning – I am trying to keep myself limited here… but I have soooo many suggestions LOL Maybe I should make a full list of the usual one thousand things I like to use!  (CC overload) Just kidding! Don’t Panic!  I am trying to keep it to twentyish things… and more recent creations!  There are obviously so many more creators and content that you can find! So don’t stop at just this listing if you need more CC!

CC Suggestions

For these CAS CC suggestions just click on the image and the link will take you straight to the CC item you see!

Body Presets

One of the easiest ways to make unique-looking Sims is to use body presets.  Less tweaking on your end to get the Sims looking the way you want and there is a variety here on The Sims Resource.  The highlighted CC is from Playerswonderland, and they have a good deal of body presets to select from.  And most importantly these bodies come in ALL shapes and sizes!


There is no shortage of hairstyles here at The Sims Resource and it should be no surprise that there are thousands of them here.  So many infact that I could not select just one to suggest… so here are two totally different ones! One Alpha and one Maxis Match!


The above eyelashes are one of the most downloaded items here!  This is because who does not need 3D eyelashes! What is great about these particular eyelashes is that they are not overly large and are great for any purpose for your Sims!  Of course, there are also other eyelashes here on this site that range in all sizes and colors!


If you are new to my blogs, I am a firm believer in CC eyebrows.  LOL (Don’t any of you frequent readers laugh!) I go on FULL rants about eyebrows.  Don’t worry we are not going to do that today. Just know that there is a plethora of eyebrows here and if you really want those trendy thick eyebrows, we have those as well.

Facial Hair

Again my frequent readers are probably laughing.  Yes, I have a thing for beards. We are moving past this today and focusing on how you can download facial hair and beards for all your Sims. (Yes I put beards on any Male Sim I play the game with…) There are loads of options both Maxis Match and Alpha beards so whatever floats your boat you can go from slight stubble to full beard easy with CC here!

Genetic Details

Aside from the other CC mentioned there is wayyyyy more CC in facial details!  Contour, highlights, dimples, natural blush, blemishes…. all sorts of things to make your Sims the way you want them.  The sky is the limit here and depending on what the details are slotted as you can layer them up too!


A lot of Simmers want their Sims to look like them.   That is why we call them Simselves right?  Well… in order to do this CC is needed to make this easier.  For example, I have freckles… So I want my Simself to have freckles that look like mine right? So if you need this type of CC this is your place to be!

Skin Overlays 

I know there are color sliders in skin tones, and this is great because it adds a lot more options… but…… shading… lighting… skin features… blemishs where are they!   I love CC skins as I feel they just make your Sims look less out of the maxis cookie cutter.  If you do not want to go through the hassle of adding tons of facial details an easy way to get nice contour, highlights, and a great overall skin tone is to just download full skin overlays. 


Eyes are a great way to really polish your Sims’ overall looks.  There are so many different eyes here at The Sims Resource.  I came across these lovely eyes today and I was just like WOW!  These are so gorgeous!  But this is to be expected as Seleng always makes gorgeous CC! Just a note about eyes they are generally in the face paint section of makeup in your Create A Sim.

Facial Presets

So remember how up a bit I was talking about body presets??? Well, there are other presets as well, like noses and lips for example.  Easy ways to make your Sims unique.  All you have to do is select the ones you want get them in your game and click them and POOF easyyyyy nose job!


One of my favorite categories of Sims CC…  Can you really have too much??? Now don’t go try to download the entire site because we have a lot of makeup available.  Like a lot a lot.  I don’t know the exact numbers nor would I EVER want to count that high.  So yea…. happy downloading.


Eyeshadow is a great way to really give a look a nice pop of color or tone it down with muted tones… all while bringing attention to the eyes! There are loads of fantastic makeup artists here at The Sims Resource so you can find a wide variety of eyeshadow in pretty much any shade imaginable and a lot of it works with the color slider!


Out of allll makeup categories… eyeliner is my favorite.  Surprise Surprise right?  And of course, I picked the thickest darkest liner I could find for this highlighted CC item!


IzzieMcFire is one of the makeup creators here at The Sims Resource and I personally LOVE their blush styles.  A lot of really nice subtle blushes that are absolutely perfect to finish any look off!


Another personal favorite RemusSirion… who makes lovely makeup and I just adore their lipsticks and lip glosses.  Perfection, marvelous, fabulous. Go download them. LOL


I know not everyone uses Tattoos, but if you do or would like to you will want to check out our selection.  The artists here at The Sims Resource have designs ranging from minimalistic tattoos to FULL body coverings and everything in between!


I know like I said only about twenty links right… right… If you have yet to read or see any of my other projects or work… you will understand I am very much ‘Go big or go home.’ Numbers are a loose topic, if I say twenty that is the minimum… even if I am trying to limit links.  BAHAHA! Not that you all should mind because… that just makes more CC  links for you!

CC Links are in the CC Spotlight Fashion Trend – Leather Aesthetics Blog

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Jezi’s Starter CAS CC Suggestions, Part 2 we will dive more into fashion!  If you are looking for more CAS suggestions or guides check out my other blogs, I am the resident CAS squirrel here at The Sims Resource.  And by squirrel I mean… “oh shiny… ohhh download it… oh look at that, that is lovely, download that too…” Don’t ask to see my mods folders!

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