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CC Manager Update 1.12 Guide

Welcome back to The Sims Resource! The CC Manager tool (exclusive to subscribers) is being updated to version 1.12, with essential updates that rectify significant bugs that were in the previous version. Here are all the deets on the new CC Manager update:

The Giant Archives Bug:

When moving files between the DOWNLOADS and LIBRARY tabs, the files were no longer being placed into small, individual archive files.  Instead, they were being packed into one huge archive sometimes many GBs in size, which eventually became game-breaking. The new update rectifies this error and keeps the archive at its proper size.

The white-screen/out-of-memory error when deleting files:

There was an issue where deleting multiple files was not freeing up memory.  The process would become slower with each deleted file, until the CC manager either ran aground with an out-of-memory error or froze with a white-screen. The update has eliminated this error so that deleting files will free up memory, as it should.

The ‘package did not resolve to a single archive’ bug:

Sometimes, trying to remove or relocate a download would fail, and the log would show “package did not resolve to a single archive”.  This has now been fixed. Moving or deleting files should work as intended with the new CC Manager Update.

Changing the default folders path:

The CC Manager was previously locked to use the Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims chain of folders because of issues users were encountering when trying to change this. Since some users do need to change this path, the ability has been added back into the CC Manager.

Thanks for reading the details on the latest CC Manager Update! Interested in more TSR blogs? Check out a build using the Mid Century Modern Collection or the March 2022 Artist Draft. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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