CAS Tutorial – Preset Mods

One of the easiest ways to make unique-looking Sims is to use CAS Preset Mods.  Keep reading this quick guide so you know what to look for and how to use these CAS Preset Mods to make unique Sims.

CAS Preset Mods

Here at The Sims Resource, we have many different CAS Preset Mods for your Sims; body, nose, mouth, eye, face, chin, and even ear presets.  Presets are created to make variety in Sims easier for Simmers.  All you have to do is click the preset once it is in your game and BOOM it is on your Sim.  Of course, the whole variety thing goes out the window if you are using the same pair of lips on every Sim.

How to Install Preset Mods

You can find loads of CAS Preset Mods in the Mods section of Downloads on The Sims Resource.  The great news is that preset mods are like most CC and mods, all you have to do is download them and drop them into your Mods folder and POOF they are in your game. Of course, if you are a VIP member you can always use the CC Manager to install the presets for you.

Tips and Tricks

Using CAS Preset Mods is a great way to get a good variety. By using different creators and presets, your Sims will become unique.  Of course, if you want all your Sims to be the same… I guess it is your game and I should not judge you for doing your own thing.  But personally, I like my Sims to be as different as possible.

Another tip is to use presets like body presets as your starting point for Sim creation.  If you use the preset and then customize it a little more it will be less likely that you will have fifty twin Sims running around.

CAS Preset Mods from TSR

Of course, you can find  CAS Preset Mods here at The Sims Resource and yes I am going to tell you they are amazing.  Sure my opinion is biased, but rest assured that the CAS Presets here at TSR are top quality. There are several artists that create amazing CAS Preset mods.  Start by checking out the following artists; Seleng, Playerswonderland, Valuka, Jul_Haos, MahoCreations, MagicHand, coffeemoon, and KIMSimjo.


I am all for variety when it comes to my Sims in-game and one of the ways I achieve this is by using CAS Presets.  Sure there are presets or general looks I like more than others, but I try really hard to try new things and make my Sims look as unique as possible. And just saying my Sims would not look as fabulous without CAS Preset Mods from The Sims Resource.

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Nancy fixed up with TSR Presets and CC

Nose Preset Lip Preset Body Preset Eyelashes
Skinblend Eyeliner Eyeshadow Lipstick
Blush Hair Eyebrows Earrings

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