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Room Reno #31: Holiday Home

Welcome back to Room Reno #31 here at The Sims Resource, using the upcoming Christmas Collection! Today we’re helping a family who loves the holiday season more than any other time of year. Let’s meet them!

Meet the Hastings!

Jane, her husband Tom, and their kids Sarah and Jay love Christmas more than…pretty much anybody else. Every year in San Myshuno, they would invite the entire apartment building into their unit and host massive Christmas parties. Now that they’ve moved to a house in Brindleton Bay, they have a lot more space to decorate–and aren’t quite sure what to with all of it! Let’s see what the Hastings are working with so we can decorate the holiday home of their dreams.

The Before

We’ll be working with quite a few rooms in the new house, including some that don’t even exist yet–I’ll have to add them through renovation! To start, there’s an open-concept living and dining area, as well as the master bedroom for Jane and Tom and the playroom for the kids. There’s also an office that I’ll be turning into a bedroom for Sarah, a simple entryway just begging to be hit with the holiday spirit, and a bedroom I’ll be adding for Jay through renovations. With all of that in mind (shaking around in my head like jingle bells), let’s get into planning.

The Planning

We have a lot of house to renovate and decorate. So much that…the images were lost from my computer, and to time itself, apparently. I’m gonna do my best to explain my thought process without them, so hopefully this all makes sense.

There are two main Christmas aesthetics this year–Country Christmas, and Colorful Christmas. Most of the rooms in this house are going to skew towards one aesthetic or the other, but some of them will hopefully be a combination of both trending styles. For Sarah’s room and the playroom, Colorful Christmas is the way to go. For the master bedroom, Jay’s bedroom, and the main entry, it’s going to be full-on Country Christmas. Everything else will be an even blend between the two!

So…that was a lot of planning! Let’s build!

The After

This house is so full of Christmas cheer that I want to curl up in every single room with some hot cocoa THIS INSTANT. From Sarah’s technicolor bedroom to the warm and inviting living and dining area, everything is totally ready for the holiday season. My favorite room might be the master bedroom–plaid bedding and extra cozy blankets near a fireplace give the cabin vibes I was hoping for when I started decorating, Shoutout to the playroom–it was originally a pretty dull office space, but with a coat of paint it truly turned into a Colorful Christmas wonderland. Want to download the jolly objects from this collection? Keep an eye out on TSR’s social media in the next few days 😉

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #31: Holiday Home! Be sure to follow me on my official TSR twitter for sneak peeks and more Sims content. If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #30 or our guide to building tiny homes.  Looking for something else? Read up on CAS presets or all about the Modern Menswear Kit!

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