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Creating Character-Inspired Sims

One of my favorite things to do is to make character-inspired Sims in-game.  I have a lot of fun doing this and love to try to style Sims based on movies, books, or shows that I am currently into. I love to create the characters and then unleash them into my worlds to see what trouble they get into.

Finding Character-Inspired CC

To find character-inspired CC you will have the best results by using the search function.  I tend to look for character-inspired CC by searching for the name of the character.  For example; if you are looking for a dress to make an Anastasia-inspired character you can search for ‘Anastasia’ and find the perfect dress, called the Anastasia Dress by Sifix.

How to search for Character-Inspired Sim

Fantasy-Inspired Sims

I am super big into LOTR so it should not surprise anyone that I have a fantasy game save with a whole neighborhood of LOTR-inspired Sims.  I did an entire page of LOTR-inspired looks in the latest issue of The Resource. Sadly, I could not fit ALL of them onto the page, so my favorite character got left out.  I tend to like the elves the best and my favorite elf (even though she did not exist in the books) is hands down Tauriel.  So I made her in my fantasy game save and Jezi-fied her up a bit with CC.

Lord of the Rings Sim

Hair Skin details Ears Face Contour
Dress Tights Boots Eyes

Anime-Inspired Sims

I have an entire game save of Sailor Moon-inspired Sims.  My Sailor Moon world is quite fun and I really just style the Sims and watch the madness unfold as I let the Sims do their lives with limited interaction. Basing traits from the show as inspiration means a lot of differences between Sims which always ends up in soap opera level drama (Usually between Serena and Rei).

Sailor Moon Character-inspired Sim

All Links for this look can be found – HERE

Spooky-Inspired Sims

This year I challenged myself to actually upload some Sims to TSR.  One of the first Sims I uploaded was Morticia Addams.  I love goth and the color black so, Morticia has always inspired me. Morticia takes the goth lifestyle to the next level and I love her for it.  I combined the original aesthetic of the black and white Addams Family tv show with the cartoon to make my version a little bit unique for an inspired Sim.

Comic-Inspired Sims

Obviously, I am very much into comics and Superhero movies and shows. I regrettably mix DC and Marvel into the same game save, so don’t hold that against me. One of my favorite characters in the entire DC series is Mera.  However, I was not too pleased with the casting in the movies, as Mera is such a powerhouse in the DC universe. Because I love Mera as a character, she is definitely one of my most played comic-inspired Sims.

Character-Inspired Sim

Links to this look can be found – HERE

Iconic Character-Inspired Sims

We all have those iconic characters that we enjoy.  One of my fondest memories as a child was my family hosting full Miss America pageants with Barbie dolls every New Year’s Eve.  It was always quite creative as my dad and uncle always entered a Barbie as well.  My uncle always had a bag of shoes because I always lost mine and I got to keep the new barbies, clothing, and accessories.

The most memorable year My uncle’s Barbie was an elementary school teacher who could bungee jump and dive into a glass of water.  So I of course made a Barbie Sim inspired on my uncle’s Miss America Barbie.  (and yes his Barbie won that year.)

Barbie Sim

Full Sim and Links – HERE


Sims is a game that provides so much nostalgia and joy for so many of us.   Personally, I like to create Sims, so I am always looking at inspiration in the things I enjoy or fond memories to create Sims.  And yes for the record I did create an entire set of Miss America Sims.  It was a ton of work but one of my Sim goals that I had tried to do since Sims 1 and finally completed it in Sims 4 in 2019!

Miss America Sims

Of course, it is also fun just to create some chaotic Sims and unleash them into your saves.

Harley and Joker Sim

CC Links for these Sins can be found – HERE

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