SDX Holiday Content

The SDX Holiday Update is here! Today we see the release of one of the first major Sims Delivery Express updates, a collection of holiday-themed items! If you have Sims Delivery Express updates enabled in your game, there is nothing you need to do – it’ll download automatically when you start your game. 

(If you have SDX disabled or are playing in offline mode, it’ll be included when you download the next patch.)

There are nine new festive items being released in this free holiday update, with a focus seemingly around the kitchen – including a new recipe! All items are base game compatible!

Image: EA/Maxis

An overview of the SDX system can be found here in the latest Maxis 411 notes.

Looking for more festive content? Check out our TSR Christmas 2021 collection, featuring hundreds of new items for Build/Buy and Create-A-Sim!

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