CAS Tutorial – Using Filters

There are many ways to make Creating a Sim easier, one way is to use CAS filters.  If you have a ton of CC like I do, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to find the perfect outfit.  Filters are a great way to speed up your outfit design process and find what you are looking for in CAS.

Filter by Content

CAS FiltersIf you only want to use custom content for your Sims, the best thing to do is use the filtering system.  With the filtering system in CAS you can select only Custom Content.  I use this a lot as I showcase TSR CC, so I use as much CC as possible.  This trick saves me time and helps me out a lot!

Filter by Outfit Category

Create A SimAnother trick I use frequently is unchecking the outfit category.  Sometimes I want a specific dress for a party and it does not show up in the party section.  So all you got to do is unclick party and then you can see ALL the dresses.  This filter is also extremely helpful for cold weather and hot weather outfits, as a lot of CC is not set for those categories.

Filter Color

Create a Sim FiltersIf you are looking to have a wedding and have a large amount of CC it might take you a long time to scroll through your dresses.  Using color filters can help you in this case.  If you select the desired color anything not tagged with that color will filter out, leaving only items of the selected color.  I use this a lot for wedding looks, goth looks, and anything color-oriented I am doing.  Definitely saves me time and makes building outfits much easier.

Filter by Pack

CAS Filters

I generally filter out anything that is not CC when I am in CAS, however, there are some occasions I filter by pack.  Usually, when I filter by pack it is when I am doing a review or preview of a new pack.  When filtering by a specific pack or kits, you will only see the items for that pack or kits.  The kits are all together, which I do not like as then I have to pay attention to the icons to make sure I get the right one.  However, filtering by packs is another time saver and a great way to see what you actually got in the pack.

Other Filters Tips and Tricks

CAS FiltersAnother tip I have is if you are looking to add eyeliner, lip gloss, or accessories to your masculine Sims, take off the filters for fashion choice.  This will give you a lot more options.  You will just have to pick and choose as sometimes the CC does not fit the other fashion choice quite right.  However, you will get a lot more options for your Sim.

Important note

For the filtering process to work right the CC must be created with those filters labeled.  So if your downloaded item does not show up you may have to find it using just the Custom Content label.  Generally, I have no issues, but I also have over 80GBs of CC installed, so I have lots to choose from. 😱😱😱

If you would like to read more Tips and Tricks about CAS (Create A Sim) check out my Pose Player Tutorial and my Modeling 101: How to Take Pictures. 

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