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Blooming Rooms Kit Review

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The latest Sims 4 Kit is Blooming Rooms! For those unaware, Kits are tiny collections of content that can be used to enhance your Sims 4 game experience. All kits cost $4.99 USD and focus on one aspect of gameplay: CAS, build/buy, or gameplay. Today’s kit is a build/buy kit full of beautiful blooms and potted plants to make all your builds perfectly full of foliage. Let’s check out the plants!

As you can imagine, this kit is almost entirely plants and plant related furniture. There are tables and side tables with plants growing out of them, a huge plant display case, and even plant curtains to go around your windows! If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a magical forest interior, this kit is going to be for you. There are plenty of hanging plants and wall mounted plants as well, helping add greenery to cramped spaces where there isn’t enough floor space for a potted plant.

Just look at all of those happy plants! I wish I had that many plants irl, but I also know that I could not handle that much responsibility, so I think I’ll stick to Sims plants. Wondering if Blooming Rooms is for you? If you love building and want to spice up the plants you use in game, this is definitely going to be a pack you’ll want to pick up. Between the adorable plant holders and the huge variety in the plants themselves, you really get everything you could want from a plant kit! If you don’t like to build or aren’t a big plant fan, you’ll probably be better off skipping this kit.

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