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Room Reno #27: Luxury Lab

Welcome back to Room Reno #27 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a scientist make her office as luxurious as she dreamed it would be. Let’s meet her!

Meet Janelle!


Janelle is an up and coming scientist working in the mysterious Strangerville. She recently got a promotion which meant she could finally move to her dream neighborhood! The house she found was a fixer upper, however, and doesn’t have all the amenities she wants. Her main focus is her office, which is currently a kind of spooky empty room in her house. Let’s see what her office has to work with and make her dreams come true!

The Before

This room is definitely…functional. While it isn’t as nice as Janelle pictures, it definitely has the right setup for her dream office. Janelle loves a simple black and white color scheme and wants her office to feel light, airy, and professional. She also needs space for all of her equipment, since she frequently works from home and needs access to her tools. Based on the shape of this room, which is longer than it is wide, I think putting most of her machines along the longer walls is the best way to save space and keep the room from feeling cramped. Let’s get planning!

The Planning

The microscope is by far the largest piece of technology that Janelle needs, so I made sure to place that first, along the left side of the room. I also needed spots for her fabricator and analyzer, which I put along the bottom wall. By putting these bigger, more unwieldy pieces of furniture down first, I can save space and create an efficient design with the rest of the furniture without wasting time or simoleons. I knew I wanted there to be a long accent bookshelf along the right wall to mirror the length of the microscope, so I made sure to leave space for that, as well as a long desk along the top wall. Time to get building!

The After


This office turned out super chic and modern! I really love a black and white color scheme (with some small pops of color), and I think Janelle is going to love this office space! Not only can she use her microscope, analyzer, and fabricator, but she has space for her books and desk too. Not only all of that, but I managed to find a ton of really great wall art to make the room feel less sterile and scientific and more like a living space (for someone who happens to be pretty scientific). This was certainly a unique renovation, but I’m so glad I got to do it!

Potion Wall Art Wooden Shelf Art Urban City Names Bios Chair Branches in Jar Framed Photo
Millennial Hall Bookshelf Tarva Composition Frame Dual Channel Rug Pumpkin Candles University Globe Fangtastic Pumpkin
Amber Books V2 Oh Reykjavik Painting Vicinc Living Art Black and White Painting Cecile Printer Caden Painting
Felixstowe Storage Box Dual Screen Computers Anaheim Desk Record Art Keiji Cup Wall Letterboard
Umea Storage Box Holmium Pen Holder Vicinc Living Plant Osaka Living Books Kara Wood Divider Calligraphik Clock
Regenerate Plant Calligraphik Painting Lynn Small  Plant Capri Living Sculpture Rock Record Pile Florida Bedroom Books

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #27: Luxury Lab! Be sure to follow me on my official TSR twitter for sneak peeks and more Sims content. If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #26 or our guide to designing exteriors in game.  Looking for something else? Read our review of the brand new Blooming Rooms Kit or all about Scenarios!

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