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CAS With Jezi – Things You May Not Know

Hello and welcome, I am Jezi, and I will be your guide as we take a look at some CAS things you may not know! I hope that these tips in this guide help you make the perfect Sims for your game and have fun! As that is what playing a game is all about – enjoying the game.  I want you to have fun and make your Sims how you would like them to be.  So these tips and things you may not know are to help you in your Simming adventures!

About CAS

Alright so first off what am I rambling about CAS, what am I talking about… CAS = Create A Sim.  CAS is the part in the game where you create your Sim.  This part of the game is where you design what your Sim looks like, select their outfits, change their hair, name the Sim, set pronouns, adjust voice, and set and pick their traits and aspirations.

cas things you did not know

CC Links for this Sim not linked here can be found heRE.

There are several toolbars in CAS.  Your Sim information will be up at the top left and your main UI at the bottom center and right side of your Sim.  As you select different elements the UI on the right of the Sim will change based on what areas of your Sim you are working on.

Things You May Not Know

1 – 3D Eyelashes

Many Simmers think that eyelashes are only in eyeliner… but this is not the case.  There are actually 3d eyelashes that you can put on under sunglasses!!! And let me tell you that these eyelashes are AMAZING!!! So super detailed and everything you could ever hope for your Sims to be complete!

Sim eyelashes

Eyelashes by S-Club & Hair

My personal favorites for eyelashes are by S-Club and Coffeemon.  The eyelashes by S-Club have a masculine and a feminine version to download.  Coffeemon has eyelashes for toddler, child, and teen through adult Sims.

2- Eyebrows

I am going to be 100% transparent here, in my view the base game eyebrows are TERRIBLE!  I cannot even look at them.  However, there is CC, so you know my game saves have TONS of CC eyebrows!  I am talking thick eyebrows, thin, high arch… low arch… whispy eyebrows.. ALL the eyebrows!!!

sim eyebrows
Eyebrows by Magichand

For eyebrows, I have LOADS of recommendations but if I had to pick two creators to start with I would pick MSQSims for more of a maxis match-look and MagicHand for an alpha CC look.  *whispers if you are looking for alpha-style facial hair or male eyebrows Seleng is a great creator to start with.

3 – Sliders

Another thing you might not know about CAS is that there are lots of sliders for colors.  There is a lot of makeup here at The Sims Resource that works with the makeup color sliders… meaning ENDLESS eyeshadow colors!!! This is perfect as you can match ANY outfit you put on your Sim! I generally find one set of eyeshadow I like and then use it for every single piece of that Sim’s outfit.

cas sliders

Eyeshadow by Anonimux Simmer

Another slider option that you can find here at The Sims Resource is in the hair department.  Both SonyaSims and S-Club make hairstyles that come with slider options, again meaning ENDLESS colors of hair.

cas sliders

Hair by SonyaSims

A couple things to note about the hair sliders is that sometimes after patches, updates, and releases sometimes these hairstyles need to be updated.  The Sonya Sims hair sliders also are found in the face paint section and not with the hair, so it is like an extra piece of CC.  You will see when you download these special hairstyles that they come with an additional download to make the slider work.  If you do not have this download there will be no slider.

4 -Skin details vs full overlays

There are loads of skin details you can use on The Sims Resource to really customize your Sim.  However, another one of those things you may not know about CAS CC is that there are full skin overlays available.  Full skin overlays will cover your ENTIRE Sim, shading, color, details… ALL of it.  Valuka, S-Club, and MSQSims have some really nice detailed skin overlays that you can use for your Sims!

cas things you did not know

Skin Overlay by Valuka

Keep in mind if you use a full skin overlay on your Sims this generally covers your whole Sim.  So if you are wanting to use multiple skin details and an overlay you just have to try the different combinations to see what does not overlap on your Sims.

5 – Filters

One of the BEST tips I can give is to filter by Custom Content.  This will get rid of anything not CC off of the Create A Sim screen, which makes it so easy to go through your CC collection!

cas things you did not know

To do this all you have to do is go to the little arrow by the search bar on the Create a Sim menu above your CC and the base and pack content will disappear… only showing your CC collection.

Bonus – CAS Backgrounds

Bonus things you didn’t know about CAS tip for you… You can change your CAS background.  We have loads of CAS Backgrounds here at The Sims Resource!  Check out this guide on the real-time color-changing CAS BG! You can also search for a background as well,  CAS BGS are in the Mods section of downloads!

cas things you did not know

CAS Real Time Changeable Background

You know I could go on all day about SonyaSims’ Realtime CAS Background as it is a total game-changer for me! You can download it HERE


I hope you now have fewer CAS things you did not know and that this blog is helpful and informative!  I want you to get the most out of your game and enjoy playing The Sims!  We will continue to have more guides and tutorials for you! I am all about CAS, Create A Sim and that is my favorite thing to do so I got you!  We will just keep rolling until you are all CAS experts!

CC Links for this Sim Can Be found heRE.

If you are looking for more CAS tutorials please check out CAS: Preset Mods, The Pose Player Guide, or  CAS: Using Filters. Or if you are looking for building help check out Paige’s Book of Building.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi or check out some of our lookbooks on our YouTube Channel!

Patch Notes: August 30th, 2022

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