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Styling Sims With Jezi – Male Sims

Hey everyone! I thought that some Sims styling tips would help you all out! I always get asked what I use for CC and the steps I take to create Sims… so now I am just going to tell you and share my secrets! Guess they are not secrets anymore!

For this first round of styling tips, we are going to talk about Male Sims! A lot of Simmers see Male Sims as typically having less CC and because of this that it is harder to make Male Sims.  Well, I can say yes there is less CC for Male Sims… however, here at The Sims Resource, we have TONS of CC for your Male Sims! So there is definitely no shortage here!

Meet Basil

Basil is one of my favorite Male Sims that I have ever created… aside from Devon.  You can download Basil here at The Sims Resource if you wish to put him in your game.  For Basil, I wanted to give him a sophisticated European vibe.  So I selected very sleek and clean CC items to style him.

Styling Tips

#1 Have a Theme

One of the most important tips I can give to a Simmer is to have a plan for your Sim.  It doesn’t have to be a fully detailed plan but at least a general plan.  For example, my plan for Basil was to have a sleek and sophisticated vibe, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and to be trendy but still masculine… and good looking of course.  Some Simmers make full planned stories with their Sims, so if that is your thing, you do you!

#2 Use CAS Preset Mods

One of the most helpful elements I have found when styling Sims has been my discovery of CAS Preset Mods.  These mods speed up my process so much and give a great starting place for unique details for your Sims! You can read an entire tutorial about CAS Preset Mods HERE.  I personally recommend Seleng, PlayersWonderland, and Valuka.

#3 Download CC Skin Details & Overlays

One great way to get a dynamic Sim is to use CC to transform that basic vanilla Sim into the Sim of your dreams.  An often missed element in styling Sims is CC Skin details and skin overlays.  These detailed additions add so much more to your Sims, creating unique Sims in your worlds.  Not to mention it makes it so much easier to make your Simself!

#4 Use Makeup

YES! Use makeup and eyelashes on your Male Sims! If you want to completely finish your Sims a light lipgloss and eyelashes are a must.  Men have eyelashes in real life, right? So complete those Sims! S-Club has great 3D eyelashes specifically designed for Male Sims that are absolutely perfect!

#5 Give Expression with Eyebrows

Eyebrows on Sims are very important, they show expression and a bit of personality.  Using CC eyebrows gives your Sim a bit more of a finished look.  Using different eyebrows also helps create variety amongst your Sims. There are TONS of eyebrows here at The Sims Resource.  I use a lot of Male Sim eyebrows from Seleng… who also has AMAZING facial hair that you can download as well.

#6 Accessories

So this is along the same lines as makeup, use it! (LOL) In all seriousness, it really depends on the vibe you are going for.  If you are going for sleek and clean you only need a few accessories.  If you want to go for something a bit bolder you are going to look for statement pieces.

#7 USE ALL The Outfit Slots

If you want to style a Sim for your gameplay, make sure to at least check all the outfits. By designing outfits for each occasion you will have a much more well-rounded Sim… and they won’t have anything crazy on if it gets cold in your game.

#8 Take your Time

Above all other tips I have given, take your time and remember you can always save your Sim and come back to it or finish other outfits later.  If you feel overwhelmed with the Create a Sim process take a break.  There are several other tips and tricks you can use that I have posted so check out this blog for more CAS Tips. 

Basil’s CC

Eyes Eyebags Contour Freckles Skin Teeth Hair
Beard Eyebrows Blush Lipstick Eyelashes Top 1 Bottoms 1
Suit Top 2 Shorts 1 Top 3 Shorts 2 Top 4 Jeans
Top 5 Jacket Shoes 1 Shoes 2 Shoes 3
Shoes 4 Ring 1 Ring 2 Bracelet Socks


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