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Room Reno #40: Goth Kitchen

Welcome back to Room Reno #40 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a Gothic family who wants a kitchen that suits their aesthetic. Let’s meet them!

Meet the Goths!

You probably recognize this family! When I decided upon this week’s renovation theme, I knew I had to give the goth kitchen to the Goth Family themselves! They’ve gotten a bit of an updated look, but they’re the same gloomy and gothic family you know and love. They want a kitchen update, since their current kitchen is…dated at best. However, they want to keep the gothic theme from the rest of their house in their kitchen. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

There are a few very confusing design choices in the current kitchen. One is the tiny window above the sink–it looks very lonely and strange over there, especially contrasted with the massive and glorious windows by the table. The cabinetry being so short also made the walls seem tall to a strange degree, like the stretching room on Haunted Mansion (and not in a good way). The mixture of browns and blacks in the room is a bit messy, as well, so that’ll also have to go in the new room. Let’s get planning!

The Planning

As you can see, I’m keeping a lot of the room’s layout very similar. The dining area by the windows is a great spot for natural light and to add a bench that can fit into the angled walls. There’s room for a kitchen island, so I’ll be adding one of those for extra counter space, as well as taller cabinets to fit the wall height. A desk with a computer will go in the entryway to the kitchen (though not angled like it looks in the planning image–it’ll be tucked to the side of the entryway). Let’s get building!

The After

This room underwent a huge transformation even without massive layout changes! The taller cabinetry and more gothic kitchen appliances really transformed that area of the room, while the dining area is a bit more intimate with the bench and two chairs for the family to dine together. The breakfast nook might be my favorite section of the room, with the tufted barstools and Victorian Gothic wall art to tie it all together. Want any of the CC used in this build? Find it linked below!

Zirconium Files Pumpkin Candles Naturalis Computer Arcane Teapot Dual Channel Books

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #40: Goth Kitchen! Be sure to follow me on my official TSR twitter for sneak peeks and more Sims content. If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #39 or our guide to building tiny homes.  Looking for something else? Read all about all about the new Wedding Stories pack for The Sims 4 or about the latest patch notes!

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