Getting Involved In The Sims Community

Want to get involved in the Sims Community? Well here are a few ideas to help you on your way!  And if you did not know, there are many ways to connect with Simmers from around the globe.

The Sims is considered a single-player simulation game, however many of us find ways to connect with other Simmers.  There is no shortage of ways to participate in the Sims Community. Some of the examples you can become active in the community are through; social media accounts, gaming groups, discords, forums, fan sites, competitions, challenges, and group collaborations.


One of the biggest pluses to being a part of the Sims Community is having others to socialize and share with.  The Sims provides hours of entertainment… to the point where you can lose track of time.  But this is so much more fun when you have people to share your creations, stories, challenges, and shenanigans with.

Discord & Social Media Groups

One of my favorite places to find Simmers is discord.  There are loads of discord groups out there for Simmers.  Of course, The Sims Resource has an exclusive discord for our VIP members, full of places to connect with artists and site staff, as well as share creations and chat.

There are also groups on social media platforms, such as Facebook.  These groups are generally fan-based.  Some are specific groups of Simmers based on common interests or location.  Generally, if you search in groups and type Sims you can find loads of groups.  I will be honest tho… I just lurk in the Facebook groups for the memes.

Social Media

Social Media platforms have generally been where I have met other Simmers.  The majority of The Resource team met on Twitter.  Yes, I know Twitter can be a scary place most of the time, but we all found each other there so it can’t be all that bad! LOL.

So which platform is the best? Honestly, I don’t know.  Facebook seems better for groups (but I prefer discord over FB). Twitter is good for sharing photos and memes. Tumblr is basically like having a website and is good for organizing finds or content, as well as telling stories.  Instagram is also another place for Simmers to create photo stories and connect with others.  Then you have Pinterest, which is a great place to collect all your CC finds and find ‘Simspiration.’  Of course, there is also Tiktok, Youtube, and a lot more. So really just have to look and see what works for you.

Some of the most common hashtags for finding Simmers and to share Sims content are #TheSims4 #Ts4 and #Sims4.  If you are sharing Sims #ShowUsYourSims and #ShowUsYourBuilds are great ones to use!


There are always the official The Sims 4 Forums that you can find other Simmers on.  You can also connect on the gallery and share creations that way as well.  But recently the official forums have been a bit quiet as Facebook groups and Discord servers have been growing.  A lot of fan sites (including us) also have forums that you can also become involved in.

How To Participate?

Well becoming a part of the Sims Community, is pretty easy.  Just share some screenshots, a meme, or chit-chat.  Try to find others who like to play like you do, for example, if you are a Sim’s story builder and like to write stories, connect with other Sims Lit writers. I generally see Sims Lit players on Twitter.  There are also editing and modeling competitions out there if you want a Create A Sims Challenge.  Competitions generally are hosted on Facebook, Twitter, and the official forums.

Another fun way to participate in the community is through collaborations and challenges together.  For example, like The Resource, which at one time was a hobby magazine that developed into more.  Each issue includes around ten Simmers, varying per issue, working on a project together.  The focus was the love of CC and editing screenshots. This is just one example of the great things Simmers can accomplish when they collaborate.


I personally can say that the Sims Community has helped me in many ways.  The biggest has been in a creative outlet that developed into a career.  Some Simmer friends I have known since the dawn of Sims 2 and there are several very close friends that I would have never met without Sims. Just a side note coming from a mother and ex-law enforcement professional…  anytime you are on the internet talking to people be safe!  Find groups or communities with clear rules and moderators, which limits toxicity as well… we all know how the internet can get. If you see anything questionable report it and if you are still a youngin also talk to your guardian.


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