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One Color Lookbook – Olive Green

Howdy folks it is time for another One Color Lookbook Challenge… and today since I am on a green kick and it is fall we are doing olive green looks!  Why not… right? Fall is the perfect time for some olive green looks in your style!  There are so many options for fall attire and neutral colors, and I have red hair so green generally looks good on me so we going olive green today!! We might even use my cute little Sim self as well! Why not!

Olive Green

Alright so before we dive into the style designs let’s take a look at the actual color of Olive Green.  What is it, I know a lot of folks have differences in opinions soooo we are going to attempt to follow what Canva designates as Olive Green… #BAB86C Apparently that is the true olive green hex code.  Pretty interesting, who would have thought that would be relevant, but we are using it!

(I did not listen to Canva…)

And moving on… according to Canva olive green is made with blue and yellow just like any other type of green.  However, the recipe given is one part blue and two parts yellow and… and… a splash of red to deepen the hue. Bet ya all didn’t know that right?  You get art and color theory lessons in this blog! (Don’t let me fool you I totally didn’t know this until I was today years old too.)

Makeup CC – Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipgloss, Blush

So literally if you look at green olives that is the color we are going for.  We got this… or I think we have this, we shall see, right? All we can do is give it the good old college try…  I’m not worried it will end up with some green variant I am sure! As long as it looks good, we shall call it a success!

Olive Green in Fall Fashion

According to Google, the color olive green is a staple color in fall fashion.  So naturally as I am just out of summer, we are going to look at fall colors for these styles.  Olive green and greens in general are pretty versatile fashion colors because they can be paired very well with other colors.  For example black or brown… Green is a totally awesome color to use.

CC – Skin, skin detail, Nails, Eyelashes

I love love love olive green and either dark brown or black together (not both. I REFUSE to put brown and black together in styles).  If I were to wear a color olive green or a dark emerald green is generally what I select.  Just with red hair and my skin tone, it looks good.  It is also a color that suits quite a lot of folks fairly well.

The Looks

And here we go… This is actually quite fun to do the entire wardrobe in one color.  I do enjoy this and it is pretty relaxing!  Gives me a decent and easy theme to style off of, so let’s see what we get!


CC LINKS – Hair, Dress, Shoes, Earrings

I am a sucker for a good sweater dress! I actually have a darker olive green dress like this without the sleeves! So naturally, when I saw this dress I was like I HAVE TO USE THIS ONE! This tone is like a neon olive green, but still, I would classify it as olive green.  Yeah, I know sandals in fall… I totally do that too LOL! But just look at the details of the sweater dress!!! It looks so good and you can see every single stripe in so much detail! Love it!


CC LINKS – Hair and Dress

This dress is sooo classy! I had to pick it, looking at it now it is more of a light sage green than olive… but I loved it and it’s close so we are counting it!! HA! I love how the front is open with a very plunging neckline and the details around the waist and neck.  Again something in real life that I would totally wear to a fancy event!  Might need a shawl or something to add for fall tho, just in case it was a chilly fall night!


CC LINKS – Top, Bottoms, Shoes

Yep rocking out the camo leggings! I have a couple pairs in real life and I love them!   I also love crop tops with high-waisted leggings, so again something I would totally wear in real life. I generally wear a black top with mine as they are green, tan, and black.  (I know I said I don’t mix black and brow… but I lied and I feel like camo print is the exception!) The top pictured here is an oldie but a goodie and I love the detail of the texture of this top!


CC LINKS – Dress

So disclaimer, I accidentally put the CC I downloaded into another game save that I had only specific CC in for another project so I did not have nearly enough accessories and shoes.  (insert sad panda face) So just ignore those shoes.  I saw the dress and got excited and ran with it.  Again the tone is a little off your standard olive green but it works with that olive green neon vibe.  So lovely and with that hair, perfect for a party!


CC LINKS – swimsuit

Finding an olive green one-piece swimsuit was a task!  This is what I came up with, it is a very dark olive-ishhhhhhhh green, but again we are classifying it as it works for the lookbook.  I love texturized pieces and I love the cut of this swimsuit and the open front.  I wear a lot of low-cut or open-front tops so this swimsuit was an easy sell for me to download!

Cold Weather

CC LINKS – Top, Bottoms, Rings

Ok so before I read the Canva definition of ‘olive green’ (I have obviously failed) this tone is more what I was thinking.  But I was wrong, however, this shirt (I have one in real life that is black EXACTLY like this) I would totally rock with jeggings and boots as pictured here.  And how did I find perfectly matching boots??? It just worked out perfectly (yes those are EA SHOES!)

Hot Weather

CC LINKS – Top, Bottoms, Shoes

And finally, we have another camo look.  Yes, I love these leggings! I mixed this one up a bit with a black top as that is how I would wear it! During the hotter months, this is generally what I wear, and have a long sleeve but a very light jacket over.  (I obviously cannot have my skin out in the sun too long.)  Love this outfit I am keeping it on my Sim self!  (actually probably all of them!)


Seeing as I used my modified Sim self for this blog, it is apparent that this is a color I would totally rock!  Personally, greens look great on me and sooooo I had to use my Sim self.  I also realized halfway through the looks that I could also use camo prints as the basic one generally has olive green in it!  And I have lots and lots of camo print.  If my attire is not all black you can probably bet it has a camo print.

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Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi

Patch Notes: September 13th, 2022 (Groundhog Day Bug)

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