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Styling Sims With Jezi – Toddler Sims

Toddler Sims are the bane of my Create A Sim existence, however, sometimes it is necessary for me to work with them.  So I have learned a few things that help me create super cute and trendy Toddler Sims.  Hopefully, you find these five Toddler Sim Styling Tips to be helpful in your game as well!

Toddler Sims

Generally, Toddler Sims (especially the Male Toddler Sims) do get the least amount of love overall in the CC department, fortunately here at The Sims Resource, we actually have artists who primarily create Kid and Toddler CC. So rest assured that THERE IS TODDLER CC HERE.  Say it with me “The Sims Resource has TODDLER CC!.” I will list some Artists at the bottom of this article for you all to check out that all have great Toddler CC options!

Toddler SimsToddler (Pink) Links – Hair, Top, Bottoms

Tip 1 – Download CC (LOTS OF IT)

I am all for having options when styling Sims.  We have all been there where we think something is going to match totally awesome and then it gets put on the Sim… and it looks like a hot mess expresses when it is all assembled. Well, to prevent this just download multiple options! Just in case your shades of whatever colors you pick conflict or things just don’t go well! This way you can have loads of backup plans!

Cute Sims

Toddler 1 (purple) Links – hair, Outfit, Shoes
Toddler 2 (blue) Links – Hair, Top, Shoes

Tip 2 – Have a Plan

With any Sim, you want to make sure to have a general idea of what you would like to do with the overall look.  This way you are not spending hours on one Sim.  Sure you don’t want to plan everything, but a general idea is a good start.

Toddler Sim CC

Links – Top, Bottoms

Tip 3 – Use Makeup CC

Now I am not talking ruby red lipstick and purple eyeshadow here.  I mean a nice subtle lipgloss and contour or blush.  For more subtle lipgloss type makeup I use a lot of RemusSirion, who has options for ALL ages of Sims. These simple elements just make your Sim more unique with more detailed features.

Toddler Sim CC

Links – Hair, Eyes, Eyebrows, Nose, Lipgloss, Blush, Eyelashes

Tip 4 – Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Alright, I am going to say it bluntly… The Game default eyebrows are horrendous.  I cannot even think to design a toddler Sim or have one in the household until I download some eyebrows.  MSQSims and Seleng have some great eyebrow options for your Toddler Sims. Also because I am a nut for complete Sims Coffeemoon has some great eyelashes.

Toddler Sim CC

Links – Hair, Eyebrows, Eyelashes

Tip 5 – Don’t Forget To Download Shoes!

One of the most annoying things is to get almost done with a Sim and realize that you forgot to download CC for a specific part of the Sim.  I do this A LOT with Toddler Sims.  It is always the Shoes! and there are some super cute Toddler Sim Shoes here! Check out Dissia and OranosTR for some super cute toddler shoes!Toddler Sims

Links – Outfit & Shoes


Toddler CC is one of the top areas that Simmers say does not have enough CC, but when is there ever enough CC for our Sims?? As you can see we have loads here and if you are looking for more toddler CC I also did a video awhile back on Nautical Toddler CC.  Since it is almost Summer here this video has a lot of items you may want to check out! You can find the video HERE

Cute Toddler Sims

Jezi’s Toddler CC Suggestions

If you don’t want to use the filter or search features I got a list of featured artists for you… Of course, there are loads more artists that make toddler CC at TSR and you can easily find Toddler Sim CC by searching the keyword Toddler or using the filter system.

  1. RobertaPLobo
  2. _Akogare_
  3. KaTPurpura
  4. lillka
  5. Bukovka
  6. Remaron
  7. MysteriousOo 
  8. Turksimmer
  9. McLayneSims
  10. Suzue
  11. Mydarling20
  12. Sugar_Owl
  13. Simlasya
  14. OranosTR 
  15. Qicc
  16. Merci
  17. DarknightT
  18. MSQSims
  19. Coffeemoon
  20. Seleng

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi

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