Main Menu Update & Patch Notes

Hello everyone! It’s time for another round of bug fixes and updates – featuring a shiny new main menu!

Main Menu Updates

Some of the menu panels are now dynamic, and will expand to display more information when you hover over them.

Aside from the new appearance, there are a couple of other new features that have been added into the main menu – Surveys and Pack Filters.

Surveys are quick little questions that you can complete without ever having to leave the game. Some of the may be just for fun, others may be feature or update related. These surveys can be enabled or disable at will, using the option in Game Options > Other > Enable In-Game Surveys.

The Pack Filters are icons that appear along the top of the screen and are used to indicate something new after you’ve installed a pack. Make sure to check it out so that you don’t miss out on any features!

Bug Fixes

On to the list of bug fixes! From EA’s Official Patch Notes:

The Sims 4
  • Starting a Scenario and attempting to move your household in with an existing household will no longer silently end your Scenario. Now, you will need to complete or cancel your active Scenario before merging households.
  • Fingernails should no longer clip into the fingers and look distorted while creating a Young Adult Female Sim in CAS. We are continuing to review distorted nails in other situations so keep an eye out for additional fixes in this area in future updates.
  • For Simmers on PlayStation and Xbox running into an issue with dropping walls and moving between floors with the D-Pad, we have good news! We have implemented a fix which should restore your D-Pad functionality. If you continue to run into issues please reach out to us on Answers HQ.
  • Simmers that chose to cancel the process of saving a built up lot to My Library while the Lot thumbnails were being generated could find themselves temporarily locked out of navigating the Lot or would experience graphical flickering. This performance impact should now be resolved and the thumbnails will no longer generate behind the scenes after canceling the Save Lot process.
  • We have tidied up the Game Options menu a little by removing the Fill In Empty Lots option. This particular option has been superseded with Neighborhood Stories and the “Move In” functionality.
  • Pulling a prank and breaking the toilet is all fun and games, until you can’t repair it which is exactly what happened to the Sweet Escapes Country Toilet. The toilet is now repairable by your skilled Sims or by calling in a repair service.
  • While planning an event, jumping between Invite Sims and Select a Place tabs will be accurately reflected in the tab icons.
  • The Origin In-Game overlay on PC should resize to the correct resolution if it was open during game client resolution changes.
  • Selecting the button on a video window before the video finished playing was leaving some players with a gray screen. This should no longer happen.
Discover University
  • University can be tough but re-enrolling after being suspended shouldn’t be one of those difficulties. Now when you get your acceptance letter in the mail your Sim will be able to head back and complete their higher education journey.
Outdoor Retreat
  • NPC’s were getting so stressed that they would make the De-stressing Decoction on the grill and then finish it on the stove. Now, they will no longer split their creation of this concoction between grills and stoves.
Décor to the Max
  • The Circle of Infinity wall sculpture comes with plenty of warnings, but after getting lost staring into the circle of infinity, we went and sorted out that infinity frame, which didn’t accurately represent the lighting from the environment around it.

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