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Who is ready to style some more Sims! In this round of Styling Sims With Jezi we are going to style some Teen Sims… because… well… the rumors!!! You know that there maybe more content for Teen Sims.  I know what you all are hoping for…  But who really knows!  Nothing has been official yet, and there are ALWAYS rumors in the Sims world… So we might as well get ready JUST IN CASE! And besides Teen Sims need super stylish looks anyways!

Teen Sims

Links – Hair, Top, Pants, Shoes, Earrings, Netted Top

My definition of Teen Sims would be age ranges fourteen to eighteen.  So like for those of us in the US High School-aged.  I know, I know… eighteen is considered an adult but really when do most of us mature… NEVER! 😂  Well… some of us at least! LOL Anyways… Teens have been a big part of gameplay in previous editions of Sims.  In the Sims 4 however, there is not all that much to them. So I always make them extra fabulous as their gameplay is boring.

Tip 1 – The Element of Self Expression

Links (Male Sim) – Hair, Outfit, Glasses, Earrings

When I think way… back to my teen days I think of ALL the trends and changes in appearance I went through… Let me tell you it was an adventure in fashion and I think for a lot of us this is the case. So when I think back to that time and what I was doing with my style… Honestly, sometimes I probably didn’t know… but regardless it was all about self-expression and figuring out myself, likes and dislikes etc.

So how does this translate to Sims… well it really allows for you to dig deep and create a Sim with personality and a bit of a story. Just by asking how would this Sim dress differently than other Sims, what is this particular Sim’s likes… do they have a favorite color? and incorporating those things into your Sim’s attire and look.

Tip 2 – Variety

Links (Middle Sim) – Hair, Necklace, Dress, Ring, Bracelet

If you are giving makeovers to multiple Teen Sims or creating new ones… you are going to need a lot of variety in your CC! Unless you want your Sims to all look the same… Which if you do… I guess good for you, but I will be here shaking my head… I am a big fan of making different Sims.

I take pride in making my worlds full of unique Sims that all wear different styles of fashion.  In the example image, you can see a Tropical look, a Preppy Look, and a Goth look… all in the same household too! Again if you want to make your Sims look like they belong in a cult and dress the same… I guess you do you. I personally find it rather boring, but again I am a CAS player soooo I can spend hours on ONE Sim!!! It is a challenge to style a Sim in less than a half-hour.

Tip 3 – CAS Presets

Links – Top, Bottoms, Shoes, Rings, Body Preset

Because Teen Sims fit into that main age grouping of CC, Teen thru Elder Sims… you can find a lot of downloads for them! I suggest using CAS presets; body styles, lips, eyes, mouths, ALL OF IT… to really create unique Sims! If you are looking for CAS Presets check out PlayersWonderland, MagicHand, and Seleng.  Of course, there are more artists that make CAS Presets, you just have to go to the mod section of the downloads.

Tip 4 – Research Trends

Links – Hair, Top, Bottoms, Shoes, Bracelet

If you are in doubt about what styles to try or what is currently popular you can always goooooogle it! Google is your friend and researching styles and trends is super easy with a search engine.  You don’t even have to read… seriously I know you all prefer pictures.  Type something like ‘Summer Fashion’ or ‘Teen Fashion’ and just look at the pictures of the styles. There you go! POOF easy style guide… look at pictures and then search for it on The Sims Resource… or then search for a lookbook or style guide in the style you want… and just download all of that.

Tip 5 – Over Accessorize

Links – Hair, Skin, Outfit, Earrings, Necklace, Rings

The one element of my style that NEVER changed in my teen years was my over-accessorizing.  I look back and think what was I doing?  How did all those rings fit on my fingers? How on earth did I think that looked good?  Fortunately, everyone else was doing it or worse sooo no one really noticed! LOL I guess it was the thing!  This lovely model I would not say is over-accessorized.  She just has a TON of accessories on and they balance quite nicely.


So of course I had to throw in an adorable alternative/goth couple.  I love these two Sims! So cute! The one in the hearts I went a little heart overboard on, but she is adorable, so I guess it fits!  Also not tomention that one of my favorite Sim of all time is Cassandra Goth… I know surprise surprise…  and she does happen to be a Teen in Sims 4.  I cannot count how many times I have given her a make-over! I was proud of myself tho… I did not use Cassandra for this blog no matter how tempting it was!

Links – Hair, Top, Skirt, Tights, Shoes, Glasses, Nose Ring, Ring1, Ring 2, Nails, Netted Gloves, Gloves, Bracelet, Earrings

I hope you found some great tips and CC to make your Teen Sims look amazing! Next few rounds of Styling Sims With Jezi we are going to dive into specific styles and pop culture trends… It’s gonna be fun!

And just for you all to get a good laugh… Teen Jezi at sixteen years old… terrifying isn’t it LOL Oh the Fashion atrocity!

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