Rise and Shine

We’ve survived Lights Out and the nocturnal encounters within, now it seems someone has remembered to pay the utility bill, and the lights are back on! Every wolf needs a good tan, as they say. (Who’s “they?” Don’t ask questions.) The Sims has revealed the roadmap for 2022, covering July, August, and September. Get ready to rise and shine!

“This season is all about letting your personality shine — start trendsetting early, create an ideal sunlit space, and grow into your brightest self.”


Image from EA/Maxis, The Sims Team

We have one Expansion Pack, one Style Kit, and one Build Kit. (Where have the Stuff Packs gone? That’s the world’s next biggest mystery, right after “Where have all of these kits come from?”)

While we’re all busy rising and shining, The Sims team has announced a trailer tomorrow, June 30th, 8AM P.T. They’re talking with simmers about what it was like to be a teenager, which is shaping up to be the theme of the pack.

Image from EA/Maxis, The Sims Team

Notably, they show a graduation cap and pencils in one of the images, as well as that all-too-familiar “S” design that everyone was so obsessed with in school. (Or was that just me? I promise I’m not currently drawing one…)

“Rise and Shine” itself could also be a reference to getting up for school. In some places, school starting times are known to be painfully early.

Looking at the teaser, there are an awful lot of plants. The phrase “grow into your brightest self” could also be taken rather literally. Is it too soon for another plant kit, after Blooming Rooms? (Is it too soon for another kit, ever?)

The trailer premieres tomorrow (June 30th) at 8 A.M P.T. – you’ll be able to check it out here on The Sims YouTube channel.

Styling Sims With Jezi – Teen Sims

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