High School Years: Expansion Pack

It looks like rumor “mill” (Shh – I’m still enjoying Werewolves!) has churned out the truth – the next expansion pack has officially been announced as “High School Years.”

Check out the official High School Years trailer:

A livestream has also been scheduled for July 15th, 2022, at 11AM P.T.

Key Features


“Experience all the ups and downs of high school. Attend classes in person, get to know your teachers, hang out in the cafeteria, and even decorate your locker! Your most treasured moments might happen while loitering around with your friends after school.”

Iconic Teen Moments

“Dance the night away at prom and celebrate your graduation ceremony with family and friends (if you keep up with your schoolwork!). In addition to those big moments, Sims can make lifelong friends, be asked out by other teens, participate in after-school activities and teams, and experience the rollercoaster of puberty.”

Shake Things Up

“High school is a time of self-discovery! Find the confidence to ask your crush out or the guts to skip class (don’t let the principal catch you). Teen Sims will explore their own likes and dislikes, and have new opportunities to cause mischief. Pranks and sneaking out after dark can have consequences, so be careful you don’t get caught.”

Explore Your Style

“Make your bedroom your own, plan outfits with clothes designed by Depop sellers, and become a Simfluencer! Teen Sims can earn money by selling outfits and hyping up looks they design on Trendi right from their bedrooms, which are now more interactive than ever. Use a laptop, read a book in bed, or even have a pillow fight!”

Key features from: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/the-sims-4-high-school-years 

Welcome To Copperdale

A small town sitting on the shore of Lake LaSuli, Copperdale is thriving mining town where everyone is encouraged to explore their identities and grow into the best versions of themselves.

Throughout the trailer, we see an unbelievable amount of depth to this pack.


It looks as if you will be able to attend classes as your sims – they are not just rabbitholes!

“During school hours, Sims attend class, hang out with friends, have lunch in the cafeteria, take weekly exams, and hopefully avoid being scolded by the principal who patrols the halls! After school, students can participate in activities like football, cheerleading, chess, and computer clubs, go to events like the science fair, or head home to their poster-filled bedroom to complete their homework.

No high school experience would be complete without a prom! Proms are customizable events, including the prep work and the prom itself. You’ll be able to plan outfits, promposals, music, dance routines, and more! You could even be voted as prom royalty!

At the end of it, graduation awaits! Another customizable event, you can decide outfits, invite guests, figure out gifts for friends and teachers – or you can also simply not go at all. (Keep up your grades, or you else you may not even be invited!)

Explore and Express Yourself

Try out extracurriculars to see if you find your passion – maybe you’ll be the star of the football team! For others, maybe the cheer squad is the place to be.

Try out relationships – butterflies from a new crush, or the devastating blow of a dramatic teenage breakup. We hear that Plumbite Pier makes a great date spot! Plumbite Pier includes a small amusement park, featuring a haunted house, tunnel of love, a ferris wheel, and a photobooth.

When you’re back at home, your room can be your sanctuary – maybe you want to work on that cheer routine? Or perhaps you’re going for Simfluencer status? Sell outfits you’ve designed on Trendi, right from the comfort of your own room.

However you choose to live (or re-live) your high school experience, there is something new for everyone in this pack! (Just don’t let your parents catch you sneaking out!)

The Sims 4: High School Years is scheduled to release on July 28th, 2022, available for PC, Mac, and console. 

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