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Room Reno #55: Tiny Yard

Welcome back to Room Reno #55 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a Sim with only a little backyard space who wants to live large. Let’s meet her!

Meet Eliza!

Eliza lives in Strangerville, and she finds the odd habits of the townspeople to be lovably weird. She loves her new place, but she has one issue with it–the tiny, tiny yard. She wants to have a yard she can use to entertain and grow plants, and the small space she has seems too small. Can she make the most out of this space, or will she have to move on once again? Let’s see what we’re working with.

The Before

So this yard is pretty tragic, I’m not going to lie. The weird terrain, the curvy fences, and the tiny size all make for a frankly depressing and lame yard space that I would not want to have–I would probably want to go without a yard if this was my only option (but I don’t like mowing lawns, so you may be different). I think we can fix this disappointing yard and make it into a usable space for Eliza, even if it’s not the biggest or flashiest yard of all time. Let’s get planning!

The Planning

As you can see, the planning for this yard was pretty simple, by necessity. There really isn’t enough space to make anything complicated or super unique, so it’s going to be pretty utilitarian when it comes to layout–but I’m hoping it can still be cute and aesthetically pleasing in practice, while still maintaining the level of utility that I started with. Eliza has a tiny home, too, so she really needs all of her space to be practical before it’s cute. Let’s see if we can do both and get building!

The After

This yard turned out really cute–more than I was expecting, honestly. I usually go into these renovations with an idea of how things are going to turn out, but when I started this one I wasn’t sure if I could actually make a yard that I would want to play in that also looked good. The yard is super simple (of course it is, there’s no space to make it more interesting), but I honestly don’t mind how simple it is–I think it makes the pops of color really stand out.

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Room Reno #54: Totally 80’s Bedroom

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