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Room Reno #54: Totally 80’s Bedroom

Welcome back to Room Reno #54 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a teen who loves the 80’s so much she wants to live in a totally rad room. Let’s meet her and her family!

Meet the Larsons!

Jaimie is a teenager living in Brindleton Bay with her parents, Edgar and Lisa. She loves her house and its many New England-styled-charms, but she doesn’t love that style in her bedroom. It just doesn’t quite fit the rest of her aesthetic–and her room is her space, not her mother’s space. After looking at old yearbooks and interior design magazines, she decided to theme her room after the 80’s and its totally radical decor. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

This is a huge bedroom to work with, with tall walls and lots of natural light to work with. It’s pretty bland right now, but the 80’s were a time of bright colors and neon signs, so it won’t stay that way for long. I thought about lowering the wall height on this room, since decorating on them can be challenging, but I decided that I was up to the challenge this time and wanted to see what I could do–especially the high windows, which I thought were strangely placed in the room. Let’s get planning!

The Planning

The layout of the room is somewhat similar to the original layout, with the bed staying in the same spot. I put a desk and study materials in the center of the angled walls, because I thought it would be a good place to do work while not having too many distractions. I love that this room has a balcony, but because the door takes up a lot of space, the dresser will be placed along the bottom of the bed, almost like a bench or stool. A standing mirror will also be in the bedroom–it’s impossible to decide on a full outfit without being able to see the whole thing! Let’s get building.

The After

I love this room way more than I ever thought I would when I started. My taste in interior design is pretty neutral, with a few pops of color, but this room is actually one I would love to live in. Something about all of the colors makes me really happy, and this feels like a total teen dream for a teenager of any era, but especially for one who loves the 80’s. My favorite part is probably the wallpaper–at first I thought it might overwhelm the room, but it actually made me love it even more.

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