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Room Reno #104: Pastel Spooky Room

Welcome back to Room Reno #104 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a Sim who wants to turn her bland bedroom into the ultimate pastel Halloween hangout. Let’s meet the Sim we’re helping!

Meet Ruthie!

Ruthie recently moved to Copperdale with her black cat (named Binx, naturally) and is really enjoying the new area! She works as an art teacher at Copperdale High School and has been having lots of fun exploring her new town and neighborhood. There’s just one problem – her current home is totally boring! No charming details or character to be found in the place. Being an artist, Ruthie wants her home to be an expression of who she is on the inside for everyone to see, but she hasn’t had time to customize anything yet.

The first room she wants to renovate is her bedroom, where she spends her time grading and going over lesson plans as well as gaming and relaxing with Binx. Her preferred style for the space? A pastel Halloween theme! For those unfamiliar, pastel Halloween or pastel spooky decor combines the macabre and dark aspects of standard Halloween decorations with a bright and inviting colors, creating an interesting juxtaposition of the two themes. With all that in mind, let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

This room is definitely going to be a bit of a challenge to work with, I can already tell. It is so small that there are very few layout options that will work, partially because there are doors on both side walls that would easily be blocked in most of the other layout options. This is less than ideal for the unique look that Ruthie is looking for, but I think the current layout can be worked around with more decor additions rather than full on structural changes.

I really love the wood paneled accent wall behind the bed – it’s a nice way to incorporate the natural world outside of the home on the inside. It’s definitely sticking around during this renovation, though it may be brightened up with some pastel paint colors to fit the theme that Ruthie requested (a near criminal offense to some in real life when it comes to renovation, but an easy thing to revert later on in The Sims). Let’s get planning!

The Planning

Planning this room was pretty simple, because as I mentioned above, this room is quite limited in its layout. The interior door prevents layouts that would block it, and the balcony door also prevents an opposite layout for the same reasons. While having a balcony is nice, doors or transitional spaces tend to create a bit of a design issue in a lot of spaces.

Even when it looks like a room has tons of extra space to spare, the existence of an extra door or hallway can cause a myriad of issues when it comes to room layouts. That’s why I chose to leave the room’s original layout essentially unchanged, because the bones of the house dictate a specific layout to suit the space while keeping it route – able by the Sims who use it (we’ve all had a Sim waving their arms and shaking their head at us over a piece of furniture we placed *just so*). Let’s get building!

The After

This room turned out absolutely adorable! I love how the pastel colors pop against the simpler black and white accents all around the space. Let’s start with the bed though – the wrought iron posts and headboard really give a sort of spooky, gothic look to the decor while still managing to be a neutral piece in case Ruthie ever wants to redo her room for a different holiday season.

The desk, too, is a very simple one – all white, with an additional shelf for decorations on top. The decorations are where this room truly shines (and I think are what make this room easy to transform with every season). By keeping most of the truly seasonal accents to the clutter and wall decor, Ruthie can easily change up the look of the room without having to invest in new staple furniture pieces every time she has an artistic impulse. Shoutout to the adorable little ghost figurines scattered around the room – they’re too cute!

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