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CC Finds – Spooktober CC 2023 Review

It has been a spook-iful month for CC! So, we will take a look at some of the Spooktober CCs! There is so much CC here at TSR for Halloween or Spooktober that you can download! There is soooo much CC for Spooktober! Trust me, I am on my seventh basket now… #notregrets. However, my computer probably hates me at this point.


So, what is Spooktober?  Spooktober is a fun way of celebrating all the spooky stuff in October.  Rather than just having one day of spooky fun with Halloween… Spooktober is the entire month of October.  This trend started when social media took off; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram were full of spooky drawings and content dedicated to October, and Spooktober began!

Halloween Collection

Highlighted CC –  Halloween (Sweater V2 – Toddler Version),  Halloween (Sweater V1 – Toddler Version), and Halloween (Pants – Toddler Version)

We needed a space to highlight ALL the Spooktober CC here, so…. if you need even more CC for Halloween, there is an entire collection HERE to create your own Sim Halloween Costumes.  This means loads and loads of spooky links perfect for Sim Halloween Costumes!  And just to add, there will no doubt be more Spooktober CC coming out tomorrow, as we still have one more day!


With all the Spooktober CC here at TSR, there are endless options for costumes or cute Halloween or Spooky outfits and accessories.  I had a hard time picking just a few items for each Create A Sim, CAS element.  The items highlighted below are a mix of ages, as we must include the entire family with spooky CC!


One thing I love about Halloween Costumes and Spooktober is the makeup!  I always love to try different makeup methods, and Spooktober is the perfect time for it!  Spooktober CC-wise, there have been some really unique CC items released this year!

Halloween 2023 Set N3 – Blush

Death Lipstick

Agnes Face Paint

Halloween2023 Salem Lipstick


This is quite a mix of hair for this Spooktober CC review! I picked a variety in the highlighted hair picks.  Got to mix it up for Spooktober, right?

Nighttime Hairstyle

Halloween 2023 ALANGKARN HAIR

Elrand Hairstyle


There’s nothing like a great skin overlay to top off your Sim’s Spooktober look!  Or… maybe you are making fantasy or occult Sims. You can totally use this skin for those themes of Sims, too!

Battie Skin Overlay


I like to think of accessories as flair to a look.  Sometimes, like in the case of wings, accessories are the needed elements to make a look or costume really pull together. Or they can be used to make a statement piece.  We all know I love accessories… so there is a good amount here!

Evil Wings Accessory

Pumpkin Hat (Baby)

Evil Bat Wings for toddler

Stiletto Witchy Nails

Big Bat Earrings

Bat Belly Piercing


Selecting just a few elements of clothing for this Spooktober CC review was really hard.  There are soooo many beautiful pieces of CC to choose from! So here are seven, ranging in ages of Sims and very different styles!

Bruja (Dress)

Mummy (Costume)

Little Witch (Dress – Child Version)

After Dawn Collection – Costume

Skeleton Lady Costume

Pumpkin Costume (Baby)

Halloween Collection – TODDLER version

Build/Buy Items

Spooktober is not complete with spook spectacular decor and items!  Decorate an existing room or build your own!  You decide with all these options of Spooktober CC!

Halloween 2023 Pt.I

Very goth skulls, butterflies, coffins and other stuff

Halloween Kitchen

Dining Room Set

Halloween Garden


Downloading rooms with CC is a great way to get oodles of CC! These rooms are already designed and have the required listed spooky items ready to go.  You download them, and poof, spooktacular rooms for your Sims!

Goosebumps Parlour

Halloween Gamer Room TSR CC


Check out all these amazingly spooky lots!  If the lot has CC in the required items and you download them all, you will now have the CC to use elsewhere.  I find myself downloading more and more lots, especially the spooky type!  Who doesn’t love a fun and spooky decorated lot!

Dark Manor 

Spooky Park TSR CC

Haunted Library TSR CC

Merry Pumpkin | noCC


I love spooky-looking Sims.  I love downloading Full Sims, again, another great way to get oodles of CC, but I also like having unique-looking Sims.  And downloading Sims from different creators really gets a good variety of Sims!  The two full Sims are full of loads of spooky CC and they are totally amazing!

Zrixesha Bathory 



Yes, there are even poses for Halloween, like this Wednesday -inspired Dance pose pack!  Spooky prom, anyone?  I think I know what I am going to do after I get done with work today!

PosePack | Wednesday Dance Goo Goo Muck


This is obviously one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the spooky life all year round, but Spooktober gives me early access to CC and spooky things to use for the rest of the year!  So I am grateful for the Halloween collection as I can now find spooky CC easily all year round!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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