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Get That Look – Sim Halloween Costumes

*Sings “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Oh wait wrong song… wrong season??? OR IS IT… well for me personally October is my favorite month and I absolutely love costumes, candy, makeup, and spooky stuff to begin with so… yeah! It is the most wonderful time of the year!!! For this edition of Get That Look we are obviously looking at Sim Halloween Costumes! Yes, yes we are going to be typical so just ride this wave with me!  I love this stuff and you probably do as well!  I mean just LOOK at this CC.  It’s so good it is bananas! 

Ok so probably NOT the content you were looking for…  Alrighty, here we go… down the CC rabbit hole! Dive… dive… dive… Let’s see what sort of costumes we can make!  


Me being from the states EVERYTHING is a holiday.  Halloween is one of those holidays where you either celebrate it or you don’t.  All I am going to say is you do you.  I don’t necessarily love Halloween, it is more the entire fall and creepy aesthetic/life.  I also love costume and theme parties in general and would be down for them ALL year round… so there is that.  Generally, people celebrate Halloween to dress up, watch scary movies, and eat candy…

So how did we get to costumes and candy?  Well… according to Google… Halloween got its roots from an ancient Celtic festival.  Generally, the celebration was to welcome harvest, but people also carved vegetables, wore costumes, and lit bonfires to ward off ghosts.  This was done as it was believed that the veil between the living and the dead and that on what we call Halloween the dead could return to the plane of the living for that evening. So this explains costumes and Jack-o’-lanterns not sure where the candy came in but if you are wondering I am sure Google can help you out! 

Halloween CC At The Sims Resource

Every year when October hits you will start to see Halloween CC here at The Sims Resource!  I look forward to this EVERY year! There are always new and exciting costume sets, accessories, decor, makeup, and more!  As always nothing is ever done halfway here at The Sims Resource, the artists here go above and beyond to provide Simmers with the very best content and ‘spooktober’ is never a disappointment! There is so much CC that this time of year I check daily!

Look 1- Spider Queen

 I wanted to create three different looks one creepy but still fancy costume, one elegant and light look, and one inspired by a character. This Spider Queen is obviously the creepy and fancy look.  I did not go overboard with the makeup, as I wanted to preserve the Sim.  

CC LINKS – Hair, Crown, Earrings, Nose ring, necklace, makeup, Dress

This dress is just so elegant I saw it and just had to use it!  This is the Arachne Gown by Sifix.  A Spider Queen just cannot go without a grown or tiara, so I made sure to include that in this costume.  Accessories are important and must be a part of ANY Sim Halloween Costume.  

Look 2 – An Angel

For our more elegant and light costume look, I went for an angelic-themed costume.  This costume is mixed and matched by different artists and is not a set, however of course I think it fits together all very nicely!  Making your own costumes and sets can be a lot of fun!  I really enjoyed putting these Sim Halloween Costumes together!  But when do I not enjoy making Sim looks!

CC Links – Hair, Halo, Dress

For this look… well and ALL the looks today I focused on head accessories.  Each look has a different accessory and I am here for it!  This one is the pearl tiara by Sugar Owl, I saw it and was like I am using this!!!! This tiara works for an angelic look or my second thought was a queen in gold.  I wanted one costume that was simple, so here we are white dress and halo.  

Look 3 – Character-Inspired Poison Ivy

This set is the entire reason I was inspired to create this blog.  I saw the hair Java Sims and the dress by Plumbob N Fries and thought YESSSSSSSSS this is perfect!!!! So here we have an inspired Halloween costume of one of my favorite DC characters, Poison Ivy. 

CC Links – Hair, Hair Piece, earrings, Dress

All the details in this costume are absolutely perfect!  The hair, the dress, the gloves, the hair accessory ALL of it!  Just simply amazing!  Looks great and I absolutely love the finished product!  


Of course, there are so many more options for Sim Halloween Costumes here at The Sims Resource!  You can download full sets or mix and match.  I selected to do a little bit of both.  I wanted to make sure we had both sets and a bit of mix and match just to cover both aspects.  I personally love each costume, however, the Poison Ivy set is probably if I had to select one, my favorite.

Other CC Suggestions

I also suggest for Halloween or Spooktober CC the following artists!

Sugar Owl has wonderful accessories, including lots of tiaras, crowns, and accessories for the hair or the head.  Perfect for Sim Halloween costumes, because you need those head accessories to complete your costumes. Simlaysa  and Mydarling20 also have loads of great accessories that you can pair with your outfits to make full costumes!

If you are looking for dresses of all kinds; fantasy, princess-inspired, Greek, or really anything else check out Sifix.  They have loads of dresses and outfits perfect for your Sims to create wonderful Halloween Costumes!  Of course, I have to list Plumbob N Fries as they created the Poison Ivy-inspired dress!  I love this dress and a lot of Plumbob N Fries creations!  

Reevaly has some wonderful and unique makeup pieces that can really finish off any Halloween Costume.  There is a wide range of makeup and you can find a lot of inspiration from these looks.  Anomimux_Simmer has a lot of makeup that you can use for costumes!  And there is a recent set that absolutely screams Wonder Woman-inspired costume

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