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Trends Spotlight – CC NAILS

One of the most trending things on the beautiful world of the internet is… NAILS.  Yes, nails.  Nails are the new makeup and are now a part (more than ever) of fashion.  Nails have always been important; however, they have recently been booming in trends to the point where nails are more of a focus on overall looks.  So naturally, just as many of us do our nails in IRL, our Sims also need nails!  So today, we are checking out ten of the many CC nails at The Sims Resource!

CC Nails PictureD – Suzue’s leilyn Nails


I mentioned that nails are a booming trend, but just how big?  Well, like one of the most searched things on Pinterest… that is how big.  There are a lot of reasons for this… Homecoming and Halloween are factors as folks like to have their nails done for these events.  Obviously, I generally have long, dark, and pointy nails.  I typically want stiletto or ballerina-shaped nails… and yes, we have CC nails that fit all those shapes! (Even coffin-shaped nails) Nails are essential to me and are part of my overall aesthetic.

Another contributing factor to this trend is that during the pandemic, many people had to grow their nails out or remove them because salons in many places were closed.  So naturally, for those who could not live without nails, we took to the internet and searched for how to do them ourselves.  Sure some of us have been doing them a bit longer than others; I, for one, am glad to go back to a solon because my nail game is not quite as good as my friend’s.

The above nails are my friend’s nails.  She does them herself, and where I have a dark and wear black 100% aesthetic, her aesthetic is obviously pink.  She has been doing her own nails for over five years now and has worn various styles and shapes of nails and types.  Now I am unsure how she even types as she has some lonnnnnggg stiletto nails (longer than any pictured here).  She uses builder gel on her natural nails and freshens them up every week.  If she paints anything aside from pink within forty-eight hours, she redoes them.  LOL. But that is the great thing about nails; they are part of our overall aesthetic.  And it is a great way to really polish your look.  (haha)

10 CC Nails

Because of what time of year it is for me, we will look at more Halloween-time nails.  Of course, many of these CC nails can be used for different purposes, and there are so many more here at The Sims Resource!  So if you are looking for more nails, don’t stop at this blog!

1. Sugar Owl’s Clarissa Nails

If you are looking for a nice classy nail look for fall or Halloween, Sugar Owl’s got you covered with the Clarissa Nails.  These nails come in fifteen swatches and have an excellent gloss and light glitter look to finish and polish up an overall look.

2. NataliS’ Modern Victorian Gothic Stilettos

Ah, yes, stiletto nails.  NataliS takes this classic shape to a whole new level in these tones.  This fifteen black and red stilettos set is perfect for a darker look… Don’t want a solid red or black that is fine there are many other options with these gradients and shades!

3. S-Club’s Creepy Halloween Nails

Goal achieved, S-Club these nails are creepy!  But also, at the same time, it is excellent and perfect for a spooky Halloween look!  I am getting ghost or vampire costume vibes here, and I love it!

4. Suzue’s Nyx Nails

Not all Halloween or fall looks require black nails!  How about some fiery metallics stilettos?  The answer is YES. Yes, please! And, of course, they come with a black swatch as well… bonus!

5. Feyona’s Golden Claws

These nails are simply stunning.  Not only are they shiny, but they are gloriously elegant and magically creepy all at the same time! These bad boys were a part of the Arcane Illusions collab and are in EVERY game save I have.

6. LVNDRCC’s Armaggedon Nails

Well, one thing is for sure it will be armageddon for you if you get poked in the eye by these nails!  But at the same time, I am here for these.  These extreme stilettos are gloriously elegant with that gradient and shape.  Obviously perfect for a Halloween look.  If I could type with these, I would 100% have nails like this.

7. WisteriaSims’ La Croix de Croix Nails

Another glorious edition from the OH My Goth Collab.  These La Croix de Croix Nails are also a stiletto style.  Stilettos are such elegantly shaped nails and are so trendy they are hard to ignore.  These nails are perfect for a goth or Halloween look with the tones and cross patterns.

8. S-Club’s WM Nails 201815

Did someone say glitter??? And look at the little Jack-O-Lantern faces!  I had to include this set of CC nails as they are just so perfect for this season!  Super adorable and fancy!

9. Coffeemoon’s Gradient Stiletto Nails

Oh, look, another pair of stilettos… ok, I like what I like, LOL Square nails are out! Well, not 100% but right now, the trend is STILETTOS! As someone who exclusively wears stilettos, I am OK with this; yes, they are hard to upkeep.  But look at them.  They are just so beautiful… that gradient… and of course, if we are talking Sim CC nails… no upkeep LOL

10. Feyona’s Raven Coffin-Shaped Nails

Oh, look, I picked non-Stiletto nails… HAHA, for now. No, these nails are lovely, and this shape is what you would call ‘Coffin’ nails.  This particular set has a lot of really different swatches, fifteen total in the set.  But we go from glitter, tigers eye to cobwebs.  Again just perfect for what we are looking for today!

Where To Find Your Downloaded CC Nails In-Game

CC Nails PictureD – Feyona’s Raven Nails

Sim CC Nails are generally in the body accessories section.  Traditionally these items were either in bracelets or rings, but now that there is a nail section of accessories, you can find them there too.  It depends on the creator’s preference for where to find them within the accessories section.  What is nice about this is you will have the option of layering other accessories.  If you see a pair of nails in the rings, you can always use another ring slot and other accessory slots to layer your additions to the max.  And if you see a call in that area you like, there are loads of nails to select from!


Here at The Sims Resource, we have tons of CC, so it is no surprise that we have loads of CC Nails for whatever occasion you need.  I focused more on the Halloween or darker vibe because of the time of year.  There are, of course, tons of pastels and neon colors as well.  Nails are generally listed as accessories, so what are you waiting for? Go download some!

Featured Social Image CC – LisaMiniCatSims Nails 10

It is like my whole point on eyelashes on Sims; nails just complete the look.  And yes, although I did not include any, we also have a child and masculine CC Nails here.  I meant to include those styles, but… I got distracted by all the pretty dark nails.  It was a toss-up of which ten I selected because there are too many I like!  Ok, that was a lie. There are actually twelve here. I snuck two more sets of nails in the images… because is ten sets of nails really enough… no! I wish I could link more! HAHAHA

CC Nails PictureD – Coffeemoon’s Gradient Stiletto Nails

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Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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