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Back to School CAS Showcase 🏫

Welcome back to The Sims Resource! As commercials have been reminding us since June, it’s back to school season. Because I’m a firm believer that school doesn’t actually start until September, I waited until today to make a CAS showcase with some of my favorite back to school styles. Whether you’re already back in class or about to start, here are some Sim styles for your teens in our Back to School CAS showcase!

60’s Prep

Hair Eyeliner Blush Lashes
Phone Dress Shoes Lips

Listen. I was absolutely a prep in high school. I can’t deny that fact. I’m probably the exact prep that Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way put her middle finger up at (no, I will not be explaining this further for those of you who haven’t read the greatest written work in the English language). All of this to say, this was probably the easiest look for me to put together because it’s really similar to my own style when I was a teenager (my current style is one big question mark and it has been for two and a half years).

I love a flipped out 60’s ponytail, and the preppy polo dress also looks pretty 60’s because of the A-line silhouette. I really like this hairstyle with this Sim’s hair color–the red really pops, and the soft ombre to a light, strawberry blonde color is so pretty. I finished the outfit with a pair of platform mary janes, which I feel like I’ve been seeing everywhere this year (and also on my own feet, because I of course had to have a pair). The most popular brand for these is Doc Marten, though I’ve seen a few different versions floating around (including an all pink pair, which I have been coveting).

Overall of It

Overalls Sneakers Backpack Eyeliner
Lip Gloss Earrings Hair Blush

I wish I had a good pair of overalls in high school. Overalls are definitely hard to shop for–there’s always an issue with finding a torso length and a pant length that suits my body (and anyone else’s, when they look for overalls). But this pair just looks so comfy…I’m thinking about hunting a similar looking pair down online if I can find them in the really pretty fall color swatch I found. Back to School fashions are often a fun combo between summer and fall fashions, and a pair of linen overalls are definitely the epitome of that.

I also love a platform sneaker. I love a platform shoe in general actually, which is great because 2022 seems to be the year of the platform in every single shoe style. Walking in heels is too hard for me to bother, but a platform sneaker? Arch support and height combined? Now that’s an invention that I can get behind. Our shoe scientists clearly thought about whether they should before thinking about whether they could (that’s what Jeff Goldblum said, right?). Platform shoes are the ultimate winner send tweet

Colorful Chic

Hair Eyeliner Lashes Blush Lipstick
Shirt Jeans Shoes Backpack Earrings

I have been in the market for more absolutely giant graphic tees all year, and this Sim’s look is exactly the reason why. She just looks so comfy while also looking so chic! Truly the fashion we need for our times (along with the matching pajama looking sets that are actually day clothes, because staying in pajamas all day is the best way to live). I went with another platform shoe here, this time a platform Birkenstock-style sandal. This seems a little counterintuitive considering that Birkenstocks are traditionally a very supportive and simple shoe, but I think the platform adds a bit of fun to them.

Jeans are always going to be a classic back to school item, so I knew one of these Sims had to be wearing a pair. I remember my mom taking me to get a new pair of jeans before school every year…honestly up until college. It was just nice to know that I had a brand new trusty pair of pants to depend on for the rest of the year (or at least as long as the air conditioning worked in the school, because if it wasn’t, there was no way I was wearing jeans). For this Sim, I used a simple pair of straight leg jeans, which are a wardrobe staple for everyone.

Mall Regular

Hair Lipstick Lashes
Polo Bag Eyeliner
Platform Loafers Skirt Blush

This outfit is simple and sweet! I think it can be really easy to get overwhelmed when putting an outfit together (I know it happens to me basically every day) but I find that simpler outfits with a few accessories are some of my favorite looks to wear around. There’s something classic about a basic, what can I say? This outfit continues the polo/preppy trend but takes it in a slightly different direction with the denim skirt, which harkens back to y2k fashion. The ruffle on the bottom is absolutely my favorite detail because it levels up the skirt from a plain denim mini to an elevated piece.

Did anyone carry a bag in high school? I never did. I had the world’s largest backpack (which I swear has caused my permanent hunch, though my gremlin position whenever I sit down probably doesn’t help). I think a bag can be really chic and cute, but it also depends on how well your stuff is organized as well as if you have to carry textbooks with you every day. I hated carry textbooks in a backpack, but in a shoulder bag? Absolutely not. If you did that, you are stronger than I.

Thanks for checking out the Back to School CAS Showcase! I hope you all have some newfound inspiration for your Sims (and your own closets, if you have pieces like these or pick them up). If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #61: Cozy Master Bedroom or a one-color CAS challenge.  Looking for something else? Read an update on all the newest game news or about the latest game patch! Have a great day 😎

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