Werewolves Game Pack Preview

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YES!! Werewolves are finally making an appearance in The Sims 4 in the Werewolves Game Pack!  For all of you that have been waiting YEARS for this moment… the time of the werewolves begins June 16th!

werewolves game pack

Of course here at The Sims Resource, we get a little sneak peek… Being that the Werewolves pack is a Game Pack this means that there are a lot of gameplay additions.  Don’t worry we are working on a very detailed gameplay video for you as well!  For the present time you get this lovely blog, that we are going to show you an early look at CAS, Build, Buy, and the New World.


werewolves game pack

Being that this is a game pack the focus is not going to be on Create a Sim, however, there are still quite a few options included in this game pack.  Not anywhere near my style… but this overall theme definitely fits for werewolves…  Kinda reminds me of a grungy- lumberjack & dirty cottagecore aesthetic.  Which I guess really good job team Sims, that’s like a non-scary PG werewolf, right?


werewolves game pack cas

There are a handful of accessories in this pack, not as many as I would like, but a couple at least. And there is a good variety – earrings, necklaces, nails, bracelets, and rings.


werewolves game pack cas

Don’t hate me for saying this… but I actually like some of the new hairs and MIGHT actually use them.  I know I know. Jezi not using CC what is the world coming to? But seriously I actually like them.


werewolves game pack

The clothing and shoe department is where we go from acceptable for Jezi standards to blargh…  These clothing pieces have detail and texture, they are just not my thing.  My little wolfies will be only in the highest fashion styles and will not look like they were rolling in the dirt.

werewolves game pack kids


werewolves game pack scars

One of the larger areas of content increase is in the scars.  There are soooo many options now that you can really make your Sims and wolves look rough.  This makes sense as wolfies love to fight.


I did not find any makeup included in this pack.  I guess werewolves don’t wear makeup?

Werewolf Style

werewolves game pack

Of course, we have to look at the Create a Wolf (CAW lol) because that is what this pack is ALL about!

Link/unlink appearance

werewolves sims

So this is really cool – you can link or unlink your Sim and werewolf forms.  What this means is if you link your Sim and werewolf form they will resemble each other.  If your Sim and werewolf forms are not linked then it is a free range of options.

Paint Like Pets

Yes, you can paint your werewolf form like you can with cats and dogs.  The options of customizing are limitless here.

Yes They Can Wear Clothing

werewolves sims

This is a little odd for me.. but wolves can wear clothing.  It seems unnatural, but yes you can dress them.

Buy & Build

werewolves game pack

Even the build buy keeps with that grungy-lumberjack and dirty-cottagecore aesthetic. There are a few classier pieces that revolve around the moon, but for the most part, everything is very… rough looking.  Again great job with the theme.  But… just not my personal style.


werewolves game pack

I count about sixty new items in the buy section.  there are a lot of decorative items as well as functional items; like workout equipment, telescope, and beds.  Of course, I am excited about the new decorative plants… which I see four that I really like! Well, one is a moon mirror with a mini plant and crystal accents.

werewolves game pack


werewolves game pack

As far as build items go, being this pack is more focused on gameplay there is not all that much.  There are a couple of new roofs, paints, fences, windows, and doors.  And of course… a new bush for your wolves to… ‘fertilize.’ *shakes head. I mean if you got to go I guess you got to go…

New World- Moonwood Mill

werewolves game pack

We don’t want to get into gameplay just yet… but there is a new world called Moonwood Mill and it is absolutely stunning!  The world has a total of five buildable areas for lots, three residential, one bar, and one library.  This new world is full of lore, secrets, collectibles, and more! Most definitely gives me Twighlight-inspired vibes with the trees and the mist.  Gorgeous for photos for sure and who doesn’t love a new world!


In my opinion, this is one of the better packs released for the Sims 4.  It has a lot packed in the game pack and is busting with gameplay and content for your Sims.  Of course, if you do not have an interest in werewolves, this will not be the pack for you, as the entire pack is based on… werewolves.  I will say out of all the packs this pack’s overall theme is done really well and makes the game more immersive.  Yea I joke calling it grungy-lumberjack and dirty – cottagecore aesthetic, but it is really quite perfect for werewolves.

werewolves game pack

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Werewolves Pre-patch, June 14th, 2022

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