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 Do you ever read articles or social media posts about the Sims and wonder… What is this person talking about? I just don’t understand the lingo or acronyms! Well here is some Simology or Sim lingo and definitions so to say… to help you out!

General Terms

Simmer – A Simmer is a person who plays the Sims.

Plumbob – The Plumbob is the symbol, the green crystal that appears over a Sim’s head and in The Sims game logos.  In most game renditions the Plumbob also changes color based on the mood of the Sim.

Base Game – When someone says they play Base Game they mean that they are not using any additional packs.

Build ModeBuild Mode refers to when a Simmer is designing or editing a lot.

Buy ModeBuy Mode is inside Build Mode and is considered Buy Mode when a Simmer is placing items and decorating a lot.

Game Acronyms

Arcane Illusions Elven Palace By Simsbylinea

EA Electronic Arts, the company that publishes The Sims.

NPCNon-Player Character, is a Sim that you do not play or that appears in the game for very specific reasons.  Some examples of such Sims include; The Grim Reaper, Father Winter, The Crumplebottoms, and Bonehilda.

CASCreate A Sim, This is where you create your Sims, you know the screen with the blue and teal background? That’s it! My favorite place in the game!

EPExpansion Pack, is a purchasable pack in addition to the base game Simmers can purchase to add a great deal of content to their games created from EA.  An example of an EP is The Sims 4: Seasons, which heavily adds content to the gameplay, build, buy, and CAS.

GPGame Pack, is like the Expansion Pack, however a bit less content.  The Game Pack itself is generally focused on an addition of a specific element of gameplay, such as The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories, expanding on Weddings for gameplay.

SPStuff Pack, A Stuff pack is smaller than a GP and focuses on BB items and CAS items.  If there are gameplay additions they are minor like the hamster bite death in the My First Pet Stuff Pack.

MOO – Move Objects On, is a standard cheat that is frequently used by Simmers, which allows them to more freely place objects in the game.  (If you need cheat codes you can find them HERE.)

Content Terms

Vanilla – A Vanilla game is NO mods or CC at all.  The game is in its purest straight from EA format.

BBBuild/Buy, Reference to Build Mode and Buy Mode in the game or items pertaining to this state in gameplay.

ModsModifications or Mods that you can download into your Sims game.  These Mods can be used to improve, change, or customize areas of the game such as gameplay, user interface (UI), lighting, CAS-related, or various other areas.  Mods can vary in complexity from the T.O.O.L. Mod to CAS Backgrounds.

PresetsPresets are mods that act as selectable features such as; body type, eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips, and other elements.  These presets allow for Simmers to select more than just the EA-provided features, adding more diversity and options to your game.

MMMaxis Match, This is Custom Content (CC) that is created in a similar style or look as the Sims game.  Sometimes this style of hair is referred to as having a clay look or called ‘clayified.’

AlphaAlpha CC is generally more texturized and realistic in design.  The CC will not be as cartoony and with hair, you will be able to see the individual hair strands.


My Stories Wedding Pack Review found HERE

AspirationAspirations are the life goals of Sims.  Children have separate Aspirations from Teen – Elder Sims.

Moodlet – A Moodlet in Sims are the buffs, debuffs, and moods/feelings Sims experience during gameplay.  These Moodlets are generally a reaction to gameplay or traits.

Traits – There are various types of Traits in the Sims 4; Learning Traits, Personality Traits, Reward Traits, Child Traits, and Teen Traits (Child and Teen Traits are in the Parenthood Game Pack).  Some Traits like Personality Traits you pick from, other Traits are random or based on other factors.  These Traits contribute to moodlets and available actions, which develop your Sim’s persona.

Whim – A Whim is something your Sim wants to do or get.  These Whims come from traits, aspirations, and gameplay.  For example, if your Sim is feeling flirty and around their significant other they may have a Whim to Kiss their significant other.  If a Sim is materialistic they may have a Whim to buy something pricey!

SentimentSentiments are feelings that Sims have for other Sims that are developed based on what happens in gameplay.  These Sentiments can be long-term or short-term.

Townie – A Townie is an EA or randomly generated Sim that appears in your game.  Sometimes these Sims move into empty lots, sometimes they don’t.

Rabbit Hole – A Rabbit Hole is an activity that you do not see your Sim complete. An Example of this would be going to class in The Sims 4: Discover University.  The player does not ever see the class, but the Sim goes.

SimoleonSimoleons are the currency that Sims use.  Simoleons can be used by your Sims to purchase items or services in the game.

Simlish – Sul Sul!  Simlish is the fictional language that Sims speak, however, there are translations to some of the things that Sims Say.

CullingCulling is where unplayed Sims and households are deleted to improve gameplay performance.  The Sims who are unplayed will be deleted from the game save. If you have a relationship with a Sim being culled you will get a message stating that the Sim being culled is moving.


Guru/Sim Guru – A Sim Guru is an individual on the Sims team that has a presence on the official forums or on social media.  These individuals can be anything from moderators to producers.

Simmer – A Simmer is sim-ply an individual who plays the Sims

TSRThe Sims Resource, the best place to find EVERYTHING Sims! (Of course I am not biased!)CC For this Sim found – HERE

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