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Room Reno #43: Mid Century Modern

Welcome back to Room Reno #43 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a woman who wants a brand new living room using TSR’s upcoming Mid Century Modern Collection. Let’s meet her!

Meet Haleigh!

Haleigh just bought a house in Brindleton Bay and wants to transform it from the older style it came in to something that combines the old with the new–the mid century modern aesthetic! She wants her living and dining room to have a lot of color balanced with neutrals so it doesn’t feel too loud or overwhelming. She also loves gold–most of the metal accents on the furniture she wants are gold, so even when the furniture is from different styles it will all feel cohesive. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

This room is big. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Having a lot of space means I can use a lot of bigger, feature pieces of furniture that I normally don’t get to use while decorating. It’s a challenge, though, because there’s just so much space to fill–I like my rooms to feel practical and useful while also being well-decorated, and I always have some trouble making bigger spaces feel as cozy and lived-in as I like. With all that said, let’s get planning!

The Planning

The layout of this room is, as usual, going to be based on the largest pieces of furniture in the room. The couch and sitting area, as well as the fireplace, are going to be in the same spots at they were originally. I’m replacing the old bookshelf with a bigger, modern one, in a pastel pink color to match the mid-mod vibes. The dining table will also be in a similar spot and the columns and fencing dividing the two rooms will be replaced with a style of fencing that suits the room’s new decor better. Let’s get building!

The After

This room…I’m so happy with it! This renovation really proves that you don’t need to completely restructure a room or tear down walls to make a space feel completely different. I really love the contrast of pinks and greens with the gold accents of the space. The floral curtains in the dining area really tie that area of the room together–they’re the Naturalis Office Curtains and they’re totally perfect for this space. The different lights in this room are some of my favorite parts of the new collection; keep an eye out for them and the rest of the amazing collection when it launches on Tuesday, March 15!

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