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CC Finds Valentine’s Day Decor

As much as I said, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day… I sure have covered loads of Valentine’s Day CC! Since we have done LOADS of Create A Sim features, I decided to extend the highlights to feature incredible objects!  So here we are, yet another Valentine’s Day blog – CC Finds Valentine’s Day Décor!  My goal is to make you see so many hearts you are going to want Valentine’s Day to be done and over with… have I succeeded yet?  No, you are still here?  Well, alright, let’s get to the CC!

Valentine’s Day

While working on all this Valentine’s day content, I wondered how Valentine’s Day became a holiday.  So I googled it (cause google knows EVERYTHING, right?) A summary of my findings from google, Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine of Terni, who was executed on February 14th. Some rumored reasons Saint Valentine was executed were for secretly officiating weddings for Roman soldiers and falling in love with a woman he tutored, writing her love letters.  Apparently, he signed the letters “From your Valentine.”  There are also some other possible reasons for the holiday… but I like this reasoning better, so we will leave the rest on google!

CC Sets used – Wreath, Treats, Console Table, & Décor

All joking aside, some incredible pieces can be used for Valentine’s Day here at The Sims Resource!  The level of detail in these items is excellent, and many of these items can be used all year round.  Valentine’s Day is only once a year, but it is never the wrong time to set up a super cute date or special dinner for your Sims!  This Valentine’s Day CC is perfect for all your romantic needs. There are limitless possibilities, so if you are looking for Valentine’s Day, go and download some CC!

Special Dinner for Two

CC Sets used – chair & table

One of the decorating arenas I see a lot of potential in is… romantic dining.  You know, an excellent special dinner for two?  That is popular to go out on Valentine’s Day and eat.  Of course, with the Valentine’s Day CC the artists here have produced… in theory, you could style an entire romantic restaurant!  But of course, the options don’t stop there; you can also just have a nice area on your lot, a parking lot, or wherever!

Pink & Red Furniture

CC Sets used – plant, chair, Decor, & painting

There is so much CC here that there are endless possibilities here with all this CC!  I did more of a display room so options could be easily seen.  However, you could easily do an entire pink or red Valentine’s day room.  There is also a lot of variation in the furniture and décor.  Everything from whimsically romantic to modern styles.  I loved this couch and footstool as they had a more classic look.

Go Big or Go Home

CC Sets used – Mirror & Decor 1

There is nothing more to say than going all out for your particular person, and with all this CC, you definitely can.  Just look at all that pink and red.  So much romance I think I might be sick.  Honestly, if someone did this for me, I’d prob faint because of the level of effort and pink.  As we all know, I am not a fan of lovey-dovey, but effort is essential for me.  And this room screams romance, and I love you.  Which is what Valentine’s Day is all about, right? Showing those special people in your life that you care.

Adding Build CC

CC Sets used – Sofa & Wall Decal

There are even building elements available here at The Sims Resource!  You can even paint the walls to decorate your Valentine’s Day room or create a heart-themed space.  A heart room would be super cute for a bedroom with lots of flowers or a child’s room with adorable hearts everywhere.  The options are limitless with the power of CC!


Being my final blog for this year’s Valentine’s Day, I did this justice with the pink and red CC!  There is so much here that it is easy to get distracted by all the décor and clutter!  I went overboard on these elements of CC, but if I walked into a room like this, I’d probably faint instantly!  The level of romance in this room is at the max!  Flower petals on the floor and walls covered with pinks, reds, and hearts.

CC Sets used –  WALLPAPER

I hope you find some great CC to add to your collection!  These items can be used for other reasons besides Valentine’s Day; however, they are perfect for this holiday.  Many Valentine’s Day décor items are available; this is just a preview.  I tried to link as many sets as possible without overlinking! I searched for the keywords; ‘Hearts’ & ‘Valentines Day’ to find the content.

CC Sets used – Chair, Decor 1, & Decor 2

Valentine’s Day is about showing the people you love in your life that you care.  I do not really celebrate it, but I still get Valentine’s Day cards from my mom (usually with Starbucks gift cards inside!).  I have always believed you do not need a holiday to say you love someone or care.  But Valentine’s day CC here at The Sims Resource is amazinggggggg, so I jumped overboard with the hearts, pinks, and reds!

Now that it is Valentine’s Day, we can conclude our red and pink smothering of CC; I know you all like holidays and the links… so you are most welcome! LOL, enjoy, and happy downloading!  One blog and one lookbook have already been released, so check them out – CC Finds – Heart Accessories, One Color Lookbook – Romantic Red Blog, and Valentine’s Day Lookbook Video.

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