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CC Finds – Curly Hairstyles for Sims

Greetings, and welcome to another CC find!  Today we are going to be looking at Curly Hair for Sims! Curly hair is super trendy right now… so why not. We will look at ten… maybe eleven hairstyles available here at The Sims Resource!  Keep in mind there is much more to download; we just don’t have the space to do all that!  I tried to mix it up a bit so that you have a variety to select from!

Why Is Curly Hair Trending

Curly hair is a predicted trend on Pinterest, which does not surprise me at all with the more natural and clean looks that are becoming popular.  Where I live is also getting cold; usually, I see longer or curly hair as a trend during this time.  Having a bare neck in the winter can get out; longer hair just keeps things warmer right??? I like my hair a little curly, sooooo I mean, I might also be biased, LOL!

10 Curly Hairstyles Here At The Sims Resource

I always limit myself on how much CC I highlight in one blog.  If I did not, we would be here ALL day, and I would end up highlighting every curly hairstyle on the website… and that would be a lot of hairstyles!  It would be okay, as you probably want ALL the links anyways!

Wingssims’ Playful Bun Hairstyle

Of course, we need to cover up and down hairstyles in this blog, so I selected this casual but gorgeous bun by Wingssims.  This bun could easily be worn with various styles, really any kind, and it would be easy to dress it up or down.  This style versatility really makes this hairstyle a must-have for your CC Collection!

DarkNightT’s Canna Hairstyle

A lovely updo with beautifully detailed curls!  This hairstyle is by DarkNightT, so you know you can expect extreme detail and quality! I love this hairstyle; it is another hairstyle you can use for many different outfits!  I am talking about anything… from athletic to formal; this hairstyle will work for you!

GoAmazons’ Diablera Hair

One thing I love about The Sims Resource is the variety of styles that the artists bring.  There are so many skilled artists here that we have quite a range of CC.  I love that there is a good deal of Alpha and Maxis Match CC.  GoAmazons is one of the fabulous Maxis Match creators creating amazingly elaborate hairstyles!  Like, whaaaaa, you can have detailed curly hair Maxis Match CC!  Just look at that hairstyle. It is lovely!

Drteekaycee’s Cork Screw Bangs and Bun

If you are looking for Alpha CC-styled braids, curls, and dreads, Drteekaycee is a creator you need to check out!  I selected this hairstyle as it is another half-up and half-down style, and I wanted variety in this listing.  And just look at those bangs. I love them!  This hairstyle’s bangs even have a lot of curl and texture!  I am a fan of high buns, so naturally, this was my selection!

AurumMuisk’s Marina Curly Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle featured in the social media image! AurumMuisk always creates the most detailed Alpha hairstyles.  This lovely addition is a loose curl hat compatible!  How adorable would this hairstyle be with a winter hat!  I think this would look fabulous as a red hairstyle!  I can’t wait to try it out!!

S-Club’s Wavy Long Hairstyle

S-Club has been around for a while, rocking The Sims 4 CC game!  So, of course, S-Club is on this list!  I selected a loose curl style to highlight just to make sure we have a bit of everything on this list!  This long style is versatile and can be used for many different looks! This style is also hat compatible!

Wingssims’ Fluffy Long Hair

I like many things, but THIS hairstyle by Wingssims is one of my favorite hairstyles!  If I want a long curly hairstyle with details, this is the hairstyle (or a similar one by Wingssims as they have more!)!  Just look at those curls! GAHHH!!! So incredible!

Simcelebrity00’s Holly Hairstyle

I wanted to include a few Maxis Match hairstyles in this Curly hair for Sims blog!  I know a lot of Simmers love Maxis Match hair!  This hairstyle is a super elegant long curly hairstyle that will meet many Maxis Match players’ hair cc needs!  I love how this hair is matched with EA swatches, so it will keep that Maxis Match looks when adding it to your Sims’ looks!

DarkNightT’s Jenise Hairstyle

I love this half-braid hairstyle by DarkNightT!  This is yet another great addition to this Curly Hair for Sims blog! I have used this hairstyle a few times on my Sims for everyday, hot weather and athletic looks!  Again totally scope out the detail!  And just look at all those color swatches!

JavaSims Palms Hairstyle

I just had to add a ponytail to this list of curly hair for Sims!  This is a very loose curl hairstyle by JavaSims, but I love it because it looks natural.  I love high ponytails in real life, so naturally, also in The Sims!  This hairstyle has over twenty-five color swatches, so you know you will find just the perfect shade of hair color for your Sims!

Bonus Merci’s Stewart Hairstyle V2 

Of course, I had to add just one more hairstyle to this list!  No way I can actually commit to a set number of creations! And… I wanted to add at least one do for your masculine Sims!


This is just a short list of the curly hairstyle for sims available to download at The Sims Resource.  You can download tons of hairstyles, so just don’t stop at these… or even the curly ones! I absolutely love the variety within these hairstyles!  And yes… I have for you yet another bonus hairstyle below. I know, I just can’t do it!  ALL THE CC LINKS!

Bonus CC Curly Hairstyle for Sims – Leah Lilith’s Joie Hairstyle

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