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Barbiecore Sims

Yes, you read the title correctly… Barbiecore Sims.  My nightmares have become reality… the bright colors.. all the pink.  *shudders.  I am kidding… wait no I am not… LOL I am in denial this happened.  Obviously, this is going to be an educational adventure for all of us… as this is just not my thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it can look good, but I am going to fight this every step of the way.  So let’s goooo go go Barbiecore Sims.

Why Barbiecore

This is a new fashion aesthetic for me, my mother actually pointed this one out.  One night I was happily playing video games, ignoring my phone and I look down to over TEN missed messages.  Thinking it was an emergency I immediately called her back rather than read the messages… As soon as my mother picked up she was screaming with excitement “Did you see all the articles I sent you…” Me thinking what the —- is going on… I looked at my phone, only to have my eyes assaulted by the level of pink that opened on my tiny screen.

Barbiecore Sims

Links – Hair, Necklace, Earrings

My mother explained to me that Barbiecore was going to be a HOT fashion trend.  I thought she was talking crazy… and asked if she was feeling ok because Barbies is soooo like the early 2000s and before *coughs 80s and 70s.  Sure sure they updated the look but… it is still Barbie.  (I loved Barbies as a kid… don’t judge me). So she is rambling on and on like “YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THIS!” Keep in mind my mother is very articulate and generally, very well put together.  But clearly, she was excited. I remember zoning out and thinking to myself did this woman hit her head? Maybe she needs medical attention…

Barbiecore Sims

Links – Hair, Dress, Bracelet, Necklace

Then I realized she was saying SIMS… so I tuned back into what she was saying.  And like that it alll made since.  My mother (who reads EVERYTHING I post or record) had an idea for me and was so excited she couldn’t help herself.  Actually rather sweet right?  She actually cares! WAHOO!

The Upcoming Movie

Link to the IMDB Barbie Movie Page –

My mother understands I live in a box and although part of my job is to be in the know of the upcoming… I sometimes miss things. So She explains to me that there is a BARBIE… movie coming out with one of my favorite actresses in it, Margot Robbie.  I was like ok cool, now it makes sense.  Because of the movie, a fashion trend is gonna happen.  Well, this is terrifying. I’m not sure how a live-action movie is going to work, but I am sure one of us will revisit this topic at a later time.  The point is… you might see irl folks dressing up like Barbie.  So why not bring it to Sims… We definitely have plenty of CC for it.

What Is Barbiecore

So I looked at ALL the links my mother sent me and did some of my own research… and yes Barbiecore is a thing.  HOWEVER, much to my horror, this is NOT a new trend.  Apparently, it was big in 2019 on Pinterest and it is projected to skyrocket this year.  Now keep in mind with trends Pinterest is usually quite on point.  (ha ha, so punny)  Anyways… Barbicore is exactly what you are imagining PINKKKKKKKKK!!! Yes, a SLAP in the face of PINK. But not a mean one… a chipper, bubbly, vibrant, teehehe.  Like so cute and plastic-like that it hurts my insides. Yea yeah we are talking Neons, bright patterns, pink, 80s-inspired, blonde hair, heels.  You know like wearing outfits that if you were to sneeze in they would either fly off or you would fall over.

Barbiecore Sims

Links – Top, Bottoms, Shoes

Of course with the upcoming movie and celebrities, one can only expect this Barbiecore trend to take off and evolve.  My research indicates that it should be a little more modern (tighter clothing/more skin showing) and BRIGHTER.  How. Just how… do you get any brighter than HOT NEON PINK. People are going to have to wear sunglasses INSIDE just to cope with this… (not that I don’t already).

5 Tips to Achieve Barbiecore in Sims

Alright so let’s try this fashion aesthetic out How bad can it really be?  Cannot disappoint the mother unit!

#1- The Color Pink

Barbiecore Sims

Makeup Links – Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Blush, Eyelashes

EVERYTHING, all of it PINK.  You don’t have to add any other colors, bright neon pink… clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup.  Barbiecore Sims is quite possibly the easiest aesthetic I have ever tried, soooo easy to find CC for and style.

#2 – Heels

Links – Shoes

Barbie just would not be Barbie without those high heels!  For shoes, I suggest Shakeproductions,  Mermaladesimtr or Arltos, these creators have a wide variety that will definitely work for Barbiecore Sims!

#3 – Outfits that Should Not Actually Fit

Barbiecore Sims

Links – Hair, Dress, Shoes, Earrings, Necklace

You know how I made the joke about the outfit flying off with a sneeze, I am not kidding.  If you look up Barbiecore fashion that is exactly what you will see.  Like how on earth do these people eat in these clothes, sneeze… let alone move! It’s almost like neon haute couture light… But fortunately in the world of Sims outfit physics do not matter!  Your Sims will be fine walking, running, eating, cleaning, and even going down the stairs in 8-inch heels and tight mini dresses and plunging v necks with flowers all over and not have any slips or clothing fly off in malfunction.

#4 – Long Straight Hair

Links – Hair, Dress, Necklace, Earrings

Most of my research pointed to long straight blonde hair, but I don’t want ALL my Sims to be blondes.  I mixed in some long straight-up dos and briads too, because I like them and we don’t want ALL the same style.

#5 – Download Lots of CC –

Barbiecore Sims

Links – Hair

I know I always say this… but download lots of CC! If you are going for the full Barbiecore effect for your Sims… you are going to need an entire wardrobe full of options and pink for every clothing slot!


Barbiecore Sims

So aside from the nostalgic interest in the movie, I am quite curious as to how diverse the movie will be.  In recent history, the company that makes Barbies has seemed to try very hard to make dolls and shows that include wayyyy more types of people than they did originally.  I am skeptical, but we will see, right? I will say the cast looks actually really decent… now other than my mother who is going to go see this movie with me…


One thing I did notice from my research is the number of celebrities that have been wearing the Barbiecore. We are talking big names like… Anne Hathaway, Ariana DeBose, Lizzo, Kardashians, & Conan Gray.  I have no doubt in my mind that this is actually going to become a thing. Not sure if publically it will be big, but celeb wise I think Barbiecore is going to be a thing.

Barbiecore Sims

Link – Swimsuit

Now much to my trying to fight this project, I did actually have fun with it.  Barbiecore Sims sounded absolutely ridiculous at first, but hey why not.  Again a challenge and well challenges can be fun.  So thank you mother for putting me through this assault of pink on my eyes for the sake of entertainment for others.  Enjoy your Barbiecore Sims!

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