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Room Reno #57: Cabincore Kids’ Room

Welcome back to Room Reno #57 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping out a family who want to make their vacation home more cozy for their twin girls. The area they want transformed is the kids’ loft and bedroom–let’s meet them!

Meet the Griffiths!

The Griffith family has had a vacation home in Granite Falls for generations, and while the house maintains a lot of its original charm, there are definitely a few spaces that could use sprucing up. The loft area is the spot in particular they don’t love–they have two beds up there for the twins to sleep on, but other than that there’s not much to make the space feel cozy, fun, or even like it’s a part of the house that people routinely use. There’s a lot to be said about loft spaces and how they can be decorated, but the current decor is not it by any standard. Let’s see how we can make this space functional, cozy, and tons of fun for both of the Griffith twins by checking out what we have to work with!

The Before

This loft is just as drab as the Griffiths warned it would be. It’s a big space with tons of potential–if I really wanted to get creative, I would move the kitchen and dining area up here and make the main level all bedrooms if I could, just to take better advantage of the view down to the main floor and the sheer size of the loft. Since I’m just making over the room as it is, though, I’ve decided that the biggest thing it needs is some kind of dividers.

Right now, with just two twin beds sitting out in the middle of the room, it looks really blank and bland but also empty. I know in some minimalist styles the empty look is super cute, but for a cozy cabincore room it is absolutely not the vibe we’re going for. Dividers will help make the space feel a little smaller and cozier without having to put walls up and ruining the view of the main level of the house. The type of dividers is going to depend on a lot of things–half-walls are fun, but they have to be used strategically, while using large furniture pieces as dividers can be a quick hack but may not actually divide the space up. I’ll have to keep both of these ideas in mind as I start planning.

The Planning

The focal point of this “room” (I know it’s open air, but the series is called room reno so it’s going to be considered a room!) is gonna be a huge projection screen and chairs. Before you think I’m putting a big, modern movie screen in the middle of a cozy cabin room, don’t worry! I’m using the outdoor projector from the Little Campers Kit, which fits the theme of the house and is also much more durable for child use (it’s a bedsheet strung over a frame, so the kids really can’t break it in any way other than knocking the sheet down, thank goodness). The projection screen makes the room feel more exciting than a regular TV would, but serves the same purpose for the kids if they want to relax after a long hike or swim.

The kids are going to love the next biggest change I have planned–bunk beds! I don’t know about any of you guys, but bunk beds were the coolest thing ever when I was a kid. My vacation home still has them (though they’re a lot less fun to sleep in when you’re too tall to climb down without whacking your head on the ceiling, it’s true). The Griffith twins are still little, though, so I’m sure they’ll be fighting over who gets the top bunk in no time (The older twin should get it. I’m biased as an oldest child, but the oldest kid gets whatever bunk they want first!). Really, though, the bunk beds are going to be great. I’m making them feel built into the wall by putting up a single wall in between them and the rest of the room, creating a nice and cozy little spot for the kids to get their all-important sleep each night. A big dollhouse fits perfectly next to the bunk beds–cabin themed, of course! It’s even made out of cardboard, perfect for recycling when the kids are done with it. Let’s get building!

The After

This loft would be my ultimate dream room at any vacation house, I can tell you that right away. Bunk beds are a ton of fun for kids (less so for adults, when you whack your head on the ceiling), and there’s even more room for another set if more kids wanted to join in the vacation fun in Granite Falls! I was really happy with how many packs came together to make this room a reality–from Parenthood to Dream Home Decorator, I was able to use a lot of DLC to make the perfect space, and I love when I get to bring a lot of different pieces together to make one cohesive space.

My favorite area of this room is definitely the screening area. The Little Campers kit is a pretty recent addition to the game, and I wasn’t sure how much I would like putting that furniture (meant to be outside) indoors, but I ended up really loving how it all looked with the wooden interiors of the cabin. I had to size down the screen a little bit to fit the space, and it was totally worth it–don’t be afraid to scale objects up or down when decorating to create the perfect room!

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #57: Cabincore Kids Room! If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #56: Grad Party Yard or our review of the Little Campers Kit.  Looking for something else? Read our review of the new Werewolves pack or about the latest game patch! Have a great day 😎

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