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One Color Decorating Challenge – Pink Retro Kitchen

I decided to challenge myself by doing a one-color decorating challenge… a pink retro kitchen.  Apparently, I am a glutton for punishment because… 1. I don’t play the decorating part of the game and 2. I picked the color Pink.  I loathe pink. So again why oh why am I doing this? For your amusement and enjoyment. You are most welcome I hope you are ready for this sassy mess!

Links – Tea Set & Center decor

Why Pink?

Why did I select the color pink of all colors? Because it is not what people would expect from me.  Pink is not a terrible color, it is just not for me.  I know my office is pink… and I regret this decision EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I wanted a bright chipper happy place to work… So I painted my office pink and now I stare at the walls in anger… regretting everything.

Links – Cakes Variety Set

So back to why the color pink, a lot of people like the color for one, and it’s unexpected… and I feel like it is going to be challenging.  Like brown, green, black, white, or blue I feel would be easier. But we will see! I am sure there is lots of Pink CC to download. Of all things too… A pink retro kitchen, lol this is going to be good!

Why Decorating?

So why are we not doing an all-in-one color outfit? Again because I want a challenge… Maybe I hit my head and I am crazy… I don’t know. Regardless I need the practice decorating, it’s been a while and the last time was that kit of pattern madness… the Decor to the Max kit, and we will just say my skill was not good there.  So this should in theory help improve it!

Links – Bread Box, & decor Set

How else are you going to get better if you don’t practice and challenge yourself? I mean sure it’s not my idea of fun, but maybe, just maybe I will enjoy it.

The Plan

The plan is to have a plan. LOL just kidding the plan for this one-color decorating challenge is a retro-styled galley kitchen.  again here we go with the new things because I don’t really cook or use kitchen stuff, dislike the color pink and retro things. I just went completely out of my comfort zone box.  Really challenging myself here! Pink retro kitchen let’s gooooooo!

I do know that galley kitchens are in and there is a perfect set with countertops for my plan, the Merrit Kitchen Set by Sims_Man123. I am thinking about a nice fresh clean looking retro kitchen full of pink.  With loads of plants, clutter, and decorations all of course in the color pink. I want large windows and maybe some sheer pink curtains for nice natural lighting.

Links – Decor Set, Coffee Maker, & Rugs

I literally just searched the word ‘pink’ in the search bar in downloads with objects selected.   I have also downloaded a total of five baskets for this challenge in hopes of fully cluttering and decorating this madness to the max. I downloaded plants, dishes, little jars, decor signs… you name it I downloaded it.  Not sure what all is going down here, but there is about to be an explosion of PINKKKKKK in my game.

The Process

I first researched kitchen designs to make sure I was doing something that would at least resemble a kitchen.  I can honestly say I did not see any pink retro kitchens during my research… lol I wonder why…  One of the most popular kitchen layouts I found was called a ‘galley kitchen.’ From my googled research a galley kitchen is a layout that is long and narrow and has two sides of counters and appliances, with a walkway in between.

Links – Wall aRt 1, Wall Art 2, Flowers on Frames

With having a lot of countertop space I wanted bigger windows.  I found these Hinton Windows by Mutske and loved that they were a bit open.  I love a nice fresh breeze scent in my house so selected these for this kitchen.  I also wanted to have double sinks, I have always wanted a large sink.  Originally I was thinking farmers sink to get that retro country look, but these work as well.

Links – Clock, Flower ARt decor set 1, & decor set 2

Originally I had a double doorway planned but also wanted ALL the clutter. Don’t ask how I fit all of this in here and still had room.  I am not a clutter person soooo… it drives me absolutely insane to even look at the images.  Anyways with the doorway, I wanted the viewer to be able to see the dining room. This meant I also had to decorate a dining room… in true Jezi fashion… challenge to make one room… can view the other so let’s make that room too!

Links – Decor Set 1, Decor set 2, Pot holder, & Crochet Art

Let’s talk more about all this clutter… *shakes head.  What on earth did I create. Well, I hope you all are happy.  So the plan was to use all the neat little baking items to make it look like a baker’s kitchen.  I will be honest I have NO clue what that means… I do not cook and barely bake.

Links – Mid-Century Collection, Plants, Lamp & Art Set

The dining room was a bit of an afterthought but I wanted to use items from the Mid-Century Collection to finish the retro vibes.  The items in this collection are also very elegant and… I knew there were pink swatches!

The Results

Links – Merrit set, Decor set 1, Decor set 2, Sweet sign, & Plant

Alright, so I don’t think it turned out as terrible as I was thinking it would… but have I said I dislike the color pink.  I could not deal with pink walls and floors, so picked white instead.  But wow is this brighttttt!  The result has entirely too much clutter for my tastes, however, I know how many of you love clutter… so enjoy!  I will say I don’t like the rug placement… but that is what my grandma did in her kitchen.  I also wish I would have put open or half curtains up on the windows.

Links – Curtains, Rug, Walls, & Window Set

I absolutely adore the Mid-Century Collection items and found some really elegant and sheer curtains to pull off a nice fancy dining room.  I wanted tons of natural lighting and windows, so I am very pleased with the dining room even given the color.

Links- Decor Set, Walls & Floor

Here is an above view of the lovely galley kitchen layout.  I think the galley layout also really suits these countertops that pull the pink retro kitchen altogether! If there was not so much clutter there would be loads of counter space to actually cook and bake!  But for the sake of clutter… there are only two useable counter areas LOL

Again I just adore how the dining room came out.  Pink and gold are always a great combination and those gold mirrors really make the whole room look super snazzy.  Don’t ask why I put a rug on a rug… I wanted something to break up the pink! LOL, The rug on a rug would be my only complaint on the dining room, so pretty good there!


Alright so final thoughts for the pink retro kitchen.  I love the layout.  I do not like all the clutter, but I do love the plants. I had originally put the cabinets on the other wall but… that just did not look right as you would have them by the cooktop and oven so you could store your pots and pans. I moved them and I am very happy with this layout.

How do you think I did? Way too much pink… but a challenge is a challenge after all Lol!  If you liked this blog and want to look at more decorating blogs check out the latest Room Reno – Graduation Party Yard

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