Game & Community News (June – July)

It’s been a busy past few weeks! Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that have been happening with The Sims and around the community!

Game News

Sims Delivery Express

The most recent SDX was themed around a Family & Friends Backyard Cookout, inspired by Juneteenth celebrations. This delivery included a family jersey in a variety of colors/themes, as well as two new food dishes – ribs and fish fry! 

Image Credit: EA/Maxis

Rise and Shine

EA has announced the next content roadmap for this summer, calling it “Rise and Shine.” This roadmap is set to cover July through September, and with it, bringing a new expansion pack, two kits, and a base game update.

One of the kits is set to be a “style” kit (Create-A-Sim) while the other is going to be a “build” kit – although the themes for each kit are still unknown. 

High School Years

The main announcement of this season is the new expansion pack, which is called High School Years! Exactly as it sounds, this pack centers around the teen years and the high school experience. 

Check out the official reveal trailer:

You can also check out our first look through the trailer here: https://www.thesimsresource.com/blog/high-school-years-expansion-pack 

High School years is coming out on July 28th – mark your calendars!

Base Game Update

Along with High School Years, the scheduled base game update is bringing body hair to The Sims 4! The body hair update includes shaving and grooming, and is purported to follow an actual growth cycle. Typically, these base game patches are released a day before the pack release – we’ll have to wait and see!

Community News

This section isn’t meant to be comprehensive by any means, but to simply mention some relevant topics of interest outside of EA’s directly game-related announcements.

Broken Hair

As most of us have found out by now, along with werewolves came a lot of broken alpha hairstyles. This issue can apply to other types of CAS content as well, such as makeup or various skin details, but it is seemingly most prominent on alpha hair.

TSR ran a batch fix on site, but as always, a batch fix is not guaranteed to fix absolutely every instance of an issue. Artists are also manually checking and fixing content on an as-needed basis. 

If you have any CAS content in your game that appears to be broken, you can check to see if an updated version is available. For content that came from TSR, the CC manager can automatically check for updates for any content you have installed through it. If you manually install your content, you can check your Download History that is listed under the “My Account” menu. 

There are also two batch fixes available that you can run on your own local downloads folder that will attempt to automatically fix any content that needs it. 

The TS4AlphaConverter by CmarNYC can be found here over at Mod The Sims.

Similarly, a batch fix has been added into the most recent version of Sims 4 Studio.

Sims Plus

Community modder Arnie of SimsPlus announced their retirement from The Sims community earlier this year, and with that, has released some final “legacy version” updates. These scale back the scope of both the Farmlands mod, as well as the world of Brookheights, and converts them into single, playable lots. This will hopefully ensure longer compatibility with future game updates as they are no longer being maintained. 

These updates can be found here

Werewolves Mod

Prior to the official Werewolves pack being released, community modder Spinning Plumbobs had released their own Werewolves mod, including a custom occult lifestate for werewolves within the mod.

With the release of the official Werewolves pack, fear not! Spinning Plumbob’s mod is still functioning alongside the official Werewolves pack. The mod is continually being updated to enhance compatibility and gameplay aspects between the two. 


RAVASHEEN’s most recent batch of updates can be found here: https://ravasheen.com/update/june-2022-bug-fixes-updates/ 

Updates include tweaks and fixes to the Mugnificient Personal Brewer, the “Into The Void Voidcritter tablet, the A-Dough-Able Cupcake Maker, and the Meowdern Litterbox.

RAVASHEEN states that there are no updates needed for her content in regards to patch 1.89.214, which is the Werewolves release patch.


TwistedMexi’s most recent updates include both T.O.O.L and BetterBuild Buy for compatibility with the Werewolves patch/pack release. 

You can grab T.O.O.L here on TSR, and Better Build/Buy here

You can keep up with TwistedMexi on his website: https://twistedmexi.com/ 

TSR Artist Draft

Last, but certainly not least, our most recent Artist Draft from June sees the promotion of Limedaiquar, Reevaly, and couquett to Featured Artist status, and 10 new artists have been promoted to Select Artists! 

You can check out the full list of new artists here: https://www.thesimsresource.com/artist/draft/ 

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