Laundry List: January 10th, 2023

It’s finally time for an updated Laundry List! For those who are new to The Sims franchise, a Laundry List is a collection of player-reported issues (taken from EA’s Answers HQ forums) that they are currently investigating.

The List

The Sims team hopes to have these issues fixed in an upcoming patch. Keep in mind that the depth of each issue varies, and some problems might take longer to solve than others. Likewise, The Sims team may be aware of and actively working on additional issues not on this list.

If you experience any of these issues in your own game, you can click on any of the issues listed above to visit the corresponding Answers HQ thread. There may be some temporary fixes or work-arounds, and of course, you can also share any information you have about the issue there as well – they are often looking for save files to help them track down the problem!

If you are experiencing issues that are not part of this Laundry List, check on Answers HQ – others may have already reported it, and if not, you can always submit your own report.

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