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Wednesday Inspired Lookbook

So I am going to come out and say it right now… I watched Netflix this weekend and binged watched Wednesday, and I loved it so much we are doing a lookbook!  That is right, folks, a Wednesday-inspired lookbook! I enjoy the combined detective, supernatural, and goth vibes, so naturally, this was an easy win.  I am so excited. I think the looks turned out really well! I don’t normally watch netflix or tv… I live in a box ok! But I did enjoy Wednesday, one of my new favorites!

Operation Wednesday

So rather than start an entire Sim from scratch… I took this opportunity to makeover Cassandra Goth.  Like, really, what other Sim would be perfect for a Wednesday-inspired lookbook?  I cannot think of any other Sim, and Cassandra is just a natural for that goth look!

Now where to start… well the skin, obviously as Wednesday in any version I have seen of the Addams family, has that ghastly, almost zombie-like pale skin.  Of course, from the Netflix series, we know it is because “Wednesday is allergic to color.” Me too hunny, unless the color is red or olive green. All the links to the featured CC will be under the images, so the download is just a click away!

CC Featured – Skin Overlay, Eyebrows, & EYes

After skin overlay and a major eyebrow revamp, it is onto MAKEUP!  And I practically redownloaded the entire Victorian Goth Collection and Oh My Goth Collab… But yea… it all works so perfectly.  That is what I really enjoyed about this series, modernizing the Romantic Victorian Goth Addams family.  You see Wednesday get into a more modern style throughout the show while keeping her Victorian Goth version of a black-and-white  Instagram aesthetic.

Wednesday Inspired Makeup

I don’t mean to point out the obvious, but black makeup in a Wednesday-inspired lookbook is the absolute must!  Not only did I find plenty of eyeshadow and eyeliner to select from… but I also found the perfect lipstick with a gloss overlay and…. and… black contour.  Because Wednesday cannot wear ANY color!  Black, white, and gray are the only options!

CC Featured – Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, & Contour

I went a bit bolder with makeup than in the look in the Wednesday series.  However, even that being said, the elements for a Wednesday look are pretty simple, pale skin with a slight black contour, black eyeshadow with slightly thick eyeliner, and black lip-gloss.  Nothing too fancy and no graphic eyeliner or glitter… I personally would be more of a Morticia inspired style, obviously. LOL.

The Outfits

I had a lot of fun searching for all these looks… I spent five hours yesterday downloading and searching through CC while rewatching Wednesday episodes.  I wanted to preserve the Wednesday aesthetic as best as possible because she is a combination of her parents’ styles.  Wednesday definitely has her father’s business-like style but a hint of her mother’s glamorous witch vibes, making her style unique but still clearly part of the family.

School Uniform #1

CC Featured – Dress, shoes, & nails

This outfit by Garfiel is called Nithroel, and the black and gray swatch looks like it was made for Wednesday!  The stripes and little vest on this jacket and skirt set were too perfect not to use as a school uniform type in this Wednesday-inspired lookbook!

Casual Outfit

CC Featured – Accessory top, Sweater bodysuit, tights, & skirt

I wanted to have some fun making a mix-and-match Wednesday-inspired look, so here we have a nice, classy, glamorous take on this look.  The sweater body suit and accessory top give a tie back to the traditional Wednesday Addams look, and then we pair this with a modern leather skirt and tights, and poof! Cassandra is a Wednesday aesthetic goth fashionista!!

School Uniform #2

CC Featured – Dress & Tights

Another lovely piece by Garfiel and perfect to showcase another school uniform-inspired look.  I love this outfit because it still is a skirt, blouse, and vest combo, which is ideal for the school uniform vibe… but it has black and white stripes that fit Wednesday’s aesthetic so well. Not to mention that tie is absolutely adorable.  I love this outfit’s loose but still close and feminine fit. It is just perfect!

School Dance

CC Featured – Dress , Ring, Necklace, & Hairstyle

The dress in the school dance episode was incredible. I did not find an exact match… however, I found this lovely formal dress form the Oh My Goth Collab; I love this dress so much I had to use it.  It slightly more revealing than traditional Wednesday, but I spiced it up a bit.

All About The Hair

CC Featured – Hairstyle

One of the signature pieces of the classic Wednesday Addams look is her pigtail braids.  I decided to take artistic liberties and alter the hairstyle selection slightly.  But the core component of low pigtails and long braids are still there.  Well, and of course, jet black jet-black this hairstyle from S-Club! I saw it and was like, YES, using that one! I know it is not the traditional braids… but I love the style.


I hope you find loads of CC in this Wednesday-inspired lookbook! Maybe at some other time I will include some of the other characters.  Out of the Addams family, Morticia obviously has a special place in my little goth heart.  But really, I loved the casting and costumes too much in this super popular show (it’s #1 on Netflix right now… That means it has to be good, right?) I just had to incorporate it somehow into Sims!

Yeah, I took some artistic liberties, but overall I think I did the Wednesday aesthetic justice.  I am thrilled with how everything came out for Cassandra’s Wednesday-inspired makeover; she was most definitely the perfect sim for this mission, which was a success.  I had a ton of fun with this and watching this show… I do not generally watch a lot of TV or shows, so definitely something different!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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