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TSR Finds: Male Hairstyles

TSR has loads of custom content all available at your fingertips. You might be asking yourself where do I start?  What do I look for?  Well, start with what you need and of course what you want.  If you are like the majority of us you need more male hairstyles in your game and TSR has you covered!  

TSR makes it easy to sort the type of content by having the subcategory menu.  You can pick just hairstyles and go to town or you can select male or female.  If you pick specifically male hairstyles there are currently over thirty-five pages on male hairstyles on TSR.  

Top – Delfino T-shirt by Metens

So where to start? Well here are eight male hairstyles of different styles that can help start you with a variety to choose from.  TsminhSims’ Mark Hair 128

This high-quality hairstyle by TsminhSims is the perfect comb-over, faux-hawk combination for your sims.  The flip with the slight curl in the front gives a nice clean modern look to your Sim.  The hairstyle offers twenty colors and is heavily textured.  The colors pair very well with Seleng’s facial hair cc, therefore increasing this hairstyle’s utility in-game. 

Stealthic Psycho (Male Hair)

Stealthic’s Psycho is a perfect addition for your winter or urban Sims.  The beanie is custom made by TokSik for this specific hairstyle.  The beanie’s color can be changed in the hat section separate from the hair.  The hairstyle itself comes in eighteen high-quality swatches and the cc plays well in CAS and in-game.  This hairstyle is the complete package for your cold-weather outfits.

Anto Oliver Hairstyle

The Oliver Hairstyle is by Anto, a featured artist on TSR with over three hundred and fifty creations and seventy million downloads.  This particular hairstyle is a very vibrant faux hawk type for male sims.  The top of the style if very thick and heavily textured and then sides are shaved down and clean.  This is a very modern style for Sims as it emulates current real-world trends. 

Wingssims TZ0525

Wings is another heavy hitter when it comes to hair creation and the TZ0525 does not disappoint.  This hairstyle is a whopping 25MB of twenty colors and high quality textured goodness.  The colors are nice and vibrant and pair well with other cc and base game items.  The featured color swatch dark brown or black with some light highlights… or maybe they are not highlights and just some very well placed grays. 

Nightcrawler Sim Dexter Hair

Of course, Nightcrawler has to be on a hairstyle finds list, because all of their creations are fantastic.  The one amazing thing about Nightcrawler’s creations is the variety in style, we are talking short, long, braids, up-dos, all of it.  In particular, the Dexter hair is very detailed as you can see the individual braided segments.  The style also works pretty well with hats and comes in twenty-two color options.

Qicc Marcel Hair

Qicc is a relatively new Maxis Match creator on TSR publishing their first creation in late May of 2020.  The Marcel Hair is unique as it features some really nice detailing on the locks. Even on the back of the hairstyle there are very carefully placed locks.  The Marcel Hair also works well with hats and is base game compatible with eighteen swatches. 

Anto Leo Hairstyle

Good quality longer specifically designed for male sims are super hard to find.  Anto helps everyone out with the Leo hairstyle.  As always with Anto’s cc, the Leo hairstyle is super textured and comes in a variety of vibrant colors.  The hairstyle holds its form with most poses and does not seem to have a lot of transparency issues even with head-turning in the pose.  In my opinion, the best part of this particular CC is the shadowing around the face, giving a real defined look. 

Wingssims Hair OS0116 M

Of course in a list even of just eight, there just has to be an up-do for male sims highlighted.  The Hair OS0116 M by Wingssims is a unique up-do as it has quite a bit going on.  The loose strand of hair and roughly trimmed sides gives this man bun a messy relaxed look.   This hairstyle comes in sixteen highly texturized swatches and in my opinion, is perfect for your university Sims. 

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