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One Color Challenge – Romantic Red Lookbook

It is almost Valentine’s Day, so to start the celebration, we will do this One Color Challenge as a Romantic Red Lookbook!  I have three outfits prepared with the color red as the central theme.  To ensure variety in the looks, I selected one CC skirt, one CC dress, and one pair of CC pants.  This way, you have plenty of CC to download for your Romantic Red looks!

Romantic Red

CC Links – Necklace & Earrings

So why Romantic Red?  Honestly, I just picked red and wanted another word that started with R so Romantic Red it is!  It works for Valentine’s Day, right!  Are we using a specific tone of red? Nope.  Just some variation of a lovely rich, bright red for these outfits.

Why Is This Trending

So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there is no surprise that red and pink fashion and nails are soaring in the top trends on Pinterest and Social Media.  So it is no surprise that with Valentine’s Day on February 14th, the amount of red fashion on social media is expected.  Reds, pinks, and purples EVERYWHERE!

The Hair

CC Links – Hair & Bangs

I selected three longer hairstyles for this lookbook and tried to get a variety within the three styles.  We have the blonde hairstyle, a half updo with optional accessory bangs by JavaSims.  I love this hairstyle as the bangs make the hair look more fluid, and I am totally biased on the half updo.  Loads of great swatches with this hairstyle and so many options to pick from to find the perfect shade for a Romantic Red look.

The Accessories

CC Links – Hair, Necklace & Earrings

For any great outfit, you need great accessories, and we need more accessories here at The Sims Resource.  I wanted to find lovely accessories that would match these Romantic red looks, and I found this beautiful necklace by Bobur that perfectly goes with this bodysuit.  I wanted matching earrings, but apparently, I did not download them, so when in doubt, with red and Valentine’s Day, hearts it is.  These lovely chained-together heart earrings are by Christopher067 and they keep that classy look I was going for.

The Clothes

CC Links – Dress

Alright, you are all here for the clothes!  Well, and probably all the CC, but regardless… For the outfits I selected, I tried to get a range of styles; one skirt, one dress, and one pair of pants.  This dress, in particular, I thought was perfect for this Sim, who has some curves.  The dress is by Sifix and nicely fits the body style’s curves.  This dress, to me, just screams a Romantic red look, and I love it! I would totally wear this dress in real life! I would consider this dress a Maxis Match CC if you are looking for more Maxis Match pieces to add to your collection.

The Shoes

CC Links – Shoes

I saw these shoes and thought, “WOW, these are perfect for this Romantic Red lookbook!!!” So here they are, these adorable shoes are by mermaladesimtr.  They look great with those red-painted toenails, and I could see them pairing well with pink toenails. However, this blog is all about red, so I went with red toenails!  I love the delicate little straps and hearts on these shoes.  These shoes scream elegance, so I had to pair them with an elegant look. These shoes also have quite a platform heel making them very feminine and stylish.   Absolutely one of my new favorite pairs of shoes.

Final Look

CC Links – Sweater, Skirt, Boots 1, Bodysuit, Pants, Boots 2, & Belt

For these three looks, I tried to have three different style vibes.  The first style is a preppy skirt (Y-2K inspired) with a loose-fitting sweater, leggings, and boots.  This skirt look is a traditional red, and I love how the shirt matches right up to the top of the skirt.  The sweater cuts off just at the waist, showing this elegant form-fitting skirt well.  I wanted something feminine and dressy for the dress, and this dress by Sifix was perfect.  I picked a darker tone of red and matched the accessories and shoes nicely, giving this look a nice clean and elegant look.  For the final look, I wanted to use tight leather-like pants; I paired them with a black sweater body suit and super high boots to give this look a baddie aesthetic.  Most of the outfit is black, but the company’s focal point is red!


I am pleased with how these look turned out!  I could showcase three styles; one preppy Y-2K inspired, one elegant feminine, and one leather baddie style.  Each class has a good bit of CC elements in each look.  I have always found that accessorizing and adding additional features like the belt on the baddie look seems to tie everything together and finish a look.  I wanted to ensure that each style had a finished and polished style for these Romantic Reds looks.

Even though the baddie look does not have a ton of red, it is probably my favorite look; I would wear this look and rock it!  I have red leggings, a top similar to the body suit, a belt, and boots that would match this look.  The only thing I would change on myself would be changing gold accessories to silver, as I typically do not wear gold accessories.  However, with this Sim’s hair and skin tone, I felt this was a good color accessory for Sim.

I hope you enjoy these looks and find some CC to add to your collections! And always, there is way more CC here at The Sims Resource, and I am already seeing loads of new Valentine’s Day-themed CC posted on the site!  I absolutely love all the little heart accessories; they are so adorable!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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