Infant Lifestage: Behind The Sims Summit

Time for another edition of Behind The Sims Summit, taking a look a peek at some of what’s coming with the upcoming “Project Renee,” as well as what we can expect coming up with the new Infant life stage in The Sims 4!

If you’ve missed the stream, it’s fairly short – about 20 minutes – and you can check it out on Twitch here.

Project Renee

If you haven’t already heard about it, “Project Renee” is the working title for the next generation of The Sims games that the community is preemptively referring to as The Sims 5.

A living room scene and the material editor from Project Renee

Project Renee Early Footage; EA

The first look at Project Renee was a Build/Buy playtest. Players could test the functionality of not only furnishing a build, but also dive into the individual object customizations. Sizes, shapes, parts, colors/patterns, etc, are all interchangeable by the player.

The Project Renee team is currently working through the feedback received from this first round of testing. It’s stated that there will be many such rounds of player testing and feedback, and that the game is still “years” away.

New Lifestage – Infants

Back to the current edition of The Sims 4, Infants are the new upcoming lifestage!

Infants will help bridge the gap between baby and toddler, creating a more genuine transition as they grow.

There are lot of new social interaction coming along with the new infant life stage! This allows for more depth with other infants, toddlers, children, and even pets!

Infants will be fully customizable in CAS. This includes standard items like clothing and hair, and even including skin details for birthmarks!

Keep your eyes out for the infants crawling into your game beginning on March 14th, 2023!

We can only hope that this will differ from the final release!

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