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Room Reno #78: Baddie Bedroom

Welcome back to Room Reno #78 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a Sim who wants to transform her bland bedroom into a cool, cozy oasis. Let’s meet the Sim we’re helping!

Meet Molly!

Molly is part of the Prescott family in Copperdale, living in the center of the town with her mom, grandpa, and little sister! While Molly used to play it straight by the book as a teen, as a young adult she’s decided to break out of the mold she used to be stuck in–studious, nerdy, quiet–and embrace her true self, a musician who wants to be heard. She also dyed her hair back to its natural color and changed up her style to complete this transformation. Now she just needs a room that matches her newfound confidence and power!

Molly is very inspired by the baddie aesthetic, which “has to do with a cool attitude combined with a love for trendy beauty and fashion” according to the Aesthetic Design Shop. Molly has always loved all things beauty and fashion, but she finally feels like it’s time to embrace them in the way she’s always wanted to! Her room is going to be full of lush fabrics, pretty lights, and of course space for her instruments. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

This room is actually not so bad. This is mostly because the furniture that came with High School Years is really great and makes pretty much any room it’s placed in look great. This room also sticks to a really nice and cohesive color scheme of yellow and teal, which is always a great combination, especially when they’re tonally similar. Just a quick fashion slash design tip for everyone – you can wear pretty much any color combo as long as the pieces are the same saturation. For example, bright blue and green together can great together, but bright blue and pastel green can look strange unless there’s a preexisting pattern that those colors are in. As with everything in design, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s good to keep in mind when you’re trying to figure out why a fit or room might not be working.

Anyway! While this room is pretty good, it could definitely use some improvements. The current layout leaves a lot to be desired, with the huge, beautiful windows just sort of sitting on the opposite wall of the room and definitely shining straight into Molly’s eyes while she tries to sleep (if anyone else has lived on the east side of a house, you know how awful the sun can be in the early morning when you want to sleep in! Sleep masks are the best). It’s time to get planning!

The Planning

The bed is a really important part of this room, because I had a very specific bed that I wanted to use in this space. I found a really incredible CC bed that I wanted to use because it had this super luxurious velvet-y slash suede-y bottom part (box spring?) that I really liked when I found it. It really added to the luxurious aspect of the baddie room, which is a common aspect of these spaces when you look at different versions online. I wanted to tuck a large bookshelf into the nook on the left wall. Life hack: a big bookshelf is a great place for organizing and storing a lot more than just books! From clothes to trinkets to art supplies, shelves are a great spot to display the things you love (and store the stuff you love, but maybe doesn’t match your aesthetic). The right side of the room has a desk and an armoire. The desk will double as a vanity as well as a workspace, so Molly can get work done as well as experiment with hair and makeup without having a ton of space being taken up by lots of furniture. The armoire is essentially just a prettier way to store clothes than a dresser, though it does lack as much desktop space as the top of a dresser would. It’s always a trade-off when it comes to stuff like this, isn’t it! It works out just fine because the desk has a wide, flat surface for item displays too. Let’s get building!

The After

This room had a ton of potential at the start, but it looks so much better post makeover! The neon lights look amazing and make the room feel really cozy and chill but in a cool way (with very different vibes than twinkle lights!). I love the wall length headboard. It’s definitely one of the coolest parts of the room, and a really unique piece that I haven’t seen in a lot of spaces. I even thought about adding in some hidden bookshelves behind it add some secret space, but I think it looks a lot sleeker without the hidden shelves. In real life, though? Bring on the hidden storage!

I really love the tiny desk area as well. The fancy armoire with space underneath for pillows? Both pretty *and* functional. That’s the ultimate combination if you ask me! And it totally fits within the parameters of the baddie aesthetic. I love the wire pin board for displaying photos, along with the polaroid heart. The bookshelf wall is super cool as well, with lots of extra storage. Shoutout to the bookshelf that came with the Pastel Pop Kit, which was the perfect addition to this room. The clutter objects are mostly from TSR–the paintings that lean on the wall and against furniture are super cool and a great way to add in decor when your walls are covered (or just feel too busy with a funky wallpaper to decorate!).

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