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CC Finds – Heart Accessories

Hearts, hearts, hearts everywhere! Welcome to another CC find; today, we are looking at just some of the lovely heart accessories available to download here at The Sims Resource.  This is just a list of ten pieces of CC and one bonus piece you can download!  I tried to get a mixture of accessories between earrings, necklaces, piercings, bracelets, and other accessories. There are, of course, way more heart accessories to download here, but I can’t list them all, as we would be here ALL day!  So sit back, relax, and get your clicker finger ready to download some great heart accessories for your Sims!

Heart Accessories

CC Earrings

When I talk about heart accessories, I mean an addition with at least one heart.  So with that definition in mind, you can only imagine there are probably over a thousand options here at The Sims Resource to download in regards to just heart accessories.  The selections I picked are a mix of recent pieces and styles, and my goal with this blog was to highlight various types of accessories.  The accessories you will see below range in manner; there are casual every day and more formal pieces.

Diamond Heart Necklace

This lovely diamond heart necklace by Glitterberry is a beautiful formal piece that pairs well with any formal attire.  I love this necklace as it pairs well with any traditional dress that shows the collar bones. Lots of diamonds on this necklace, making it a lovely piece for a wedding look!

Heart Stickers Accessory

These heart stickers by Dissia are an easy way to add a little Valentine’s Day flare to your Sim’s leggings or stocking.  These stickers go over the stockings giving a lot of versatility to add to your Sims’ look.  I love these stickers on the white tights; they are super cute and great to jazz a look up!

Envy Earrings

Christopher067 makes lovely accessories, and the Envy Earrings are on point to the usual quality.  I selected to highlight these earrings because they can be formal and casual, which makes this set of earrings very versatile for loads of different styles! Love all the swatch options, especially the classic pink and red combination!

Crystal Heart Septum Nose Piercing

One thing I would like to do more of highlights some of the many piercing accessories we have here at The Sims Resource. I found this septum nose piercing by Feyona (GiuliettaSims) and absolutely loved it!  Definitely going to have to download more piercing CC!

Chained Heart Necklace

You need more than just standard cute or formal heart accessories for Valentine’s Day. With various style choices, you can have a ton of heart accessories in your CC collection! I thought this chained heart necklace was more of an edgier and alternative style, and I knew I had to add it!  I love that there are also multiple swatches of this necklace!

Heart V 2 Earrings

One thing I adore about many artists making accessories here at The Sims Resource is that they make them for all ages of Sims.  Suzue is one of the artists that make accessories for all ages!  Like why not have cute heart earrings for your toddlers! These cute little heart earrings are an excellent and straightforward addition to your collection, and you can find them in all age ranges of Sims.

Heart Detail Hoop Earrings

We just had to have a pair of hoop earrings in this listing!  So I selected these heart detail earrings by Feyona (GiuliettaSims), who is entirely known for their hoop earrings.  I love these so much and would totally rock these in real life!  I envision these earrings paired with a denim or red dress and heels.

Gold Heart Earrings

Glitterberry makes the most adorable accessories!  I wanted to include something elegant but on a smaller scale, so these gold heart earrings are perfect for this heart accessory list.  They only come in one swatch, but they are cute, elegant, and tiny, making them ideal for various fashion styles.

 AMARI Glasses

I  saw these sunglasses by PlumbobNFries and knew I had to add them.  These Amari Glasses can be used for masculine and feminine styles and have an edgy aesthetic.  I did not want cutesy heart accessories, so I looked for more than that style… leading me to these lovely glasses!

Bangle Bracelet with Hearts

I had to include at least one bracelet and something from NataliS in this heart accessory blog!  This bangle bracelet is perfect for your Sims’ Valentine’s Day look!  I love the silver swatch with the red hearts; it is so adorable!


With Valentine’s Day coming up, a lot of heart CC is being released!  This is just a collection of some beautiful creations being released.  Holidays are an excellent time for CC!  No matter the holiday, you can bet the artists here at The Sims Resource probably have created some CC for the occasion! Some of the pieces I selected for this CC find are not as recent, as it is nice to see what is already out there to download!

 I hope you found some CC you still need in your collection with this Heart Accessory blog! Heart accessories are not just for Valentine’s Day, as they make an adorable addition all year round.  Heart accessories add a cute or girly vibe that can also be clean and elegant, depending on the accessory’s style.  I tried to find various accessory styles with this CC find, and we have everything from edgy and elegant to just cute and adorable!

 I have a couple more things for Valentine’s Day, so stay tuned!  One blog and one lookbook have already been released, so check them out – One Color Lookbook – Romantic Red Blog, and Valentine’s Day Lookbook Video.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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