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CC Finds – Sim Beach Day

Who is ready for a Sim beach day!!! Well… for your Sims to have a wonderful time at the beach you are going to need some beach-tastic CC… That’s right, accessories, swimsuit, sunscreen, towels, shoes, and… of course a beach!

Don’t worry we have it all here! ALL of it and so much more that you could be downloading beach cc for hours!! LOL.  I limited myself to a two-hour download spree and this is some of what I found…

Links – Glasses, Earrings, & Lipgloss

1 – Swimsuits

Sim 1 – Swimsuit, shoes, Glasses & hair.  Sim 2 – Swimsuit top, Swimsuit bottom, Hair, & Swim wrap.  Sim 3 – Swimsuit, hair, & shoes.

Sim 1 – trunks, Glasses, facial hair, Hair.  Sim 2 – top, trunks, & hair.

Your Sims cannot have a beach day without proper swim attire! It just cannot happen… There are so many options of swimsuits here that it is a bit overwhelming, so I used some of the more recent designs as I would not be able to decide if I downloaded more than ten!  I just used the filters in the search system and selected featured artists and the release date of this year.

2 – Beach Accessories

CC Links – Hat, Glasses, & Earrings.

Now that you have a nice fancy new swimsuit… now it is time to accessorize!!! Hat, earrings, glasses… whatever you want and need.  Don’t forget to paint those nails!! take your fine self and strut on the beach! Of course, beach accessories don’t have to be specific to the beach, just whatever looks good with your beach attire.

3 – Beach Footwear

CC Link – The Sandals

I absolutely love sandals, I live in them all year round. Yes, I am a nut job that goes out in the snow in my sandals LOL.  Lucky for your Sims they don’t have to worry about sand getting stuck to their feet like in irl.  So therefore they don’t have to take off their nice leather sandals when they go in the sand… nor do they in the water sometimes.

4 – Beach Items

CC Links – Sunglasses & SunscrEen

Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses and sunscreen… and maybe a couple towels.  There is loads of CC available both decorative and functional for a beach so that you can even design your own! I suggest the For the Beach set by Jomsims, Beachy Days by SIMcredible!, and the Vintage Beach Set by Angela.  As always there is a lot more great beach CC you just have to look and download!


CC Link – Relax on the Beach Lot by Danuta720

Of course, the most essential part of having a Sim beach day is… a beach!  There is just no way have a beach day without one… and why would you use a base game beach? You don’t want a basic beach… You want something nice and fancy! Only the best for your Sims!


This is only a very small portion of the beachy CC you can find! All you have to do is look.  I used keywords such as beach, sulani, ocean, and swimsuit and found loads of stuff to download! Happy downloading!

Ok so after typing this blog it is clear that I want an IRL beach day!  Got to collect my beach gear and hit the sand!  Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi

CC Links – Sunglasses, sunscreen, ball, & towel

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