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CC Find – Sunglasses

I am getting ready for warmer weather, so I am already looking to pull out ALL my summer sunglasses.  And with Sims having seasons and hotter weather your Sims need sunglasses too!  Fortunately for you, we have loads of Sunglasses for your Sims right here!

Sunglasses For Sims

Here at The Sims Resource, there are loads of sunglasses for Sims! We have them for every age of Sim and for both masculine and feminine styles.  There is such a range of Sunglasses that there are even some that your Sims can wear on your head instead of just on their eyes! There are also outfits that have sunglasses placed on shirts and in pockets for the full accessorized sunny look!

Sunglasses #1 – Kelly Sunglasses

Toddler Version, Child Version, Teen-Elder Version

The Kelly Sunglasses by Feyona are one of my faves!  These lovely stylish sunglasses are available for all ages of Sims and they have ten swatches.  I just love how the glass part of the accessory has a lovely gradient! You can still see the Sim’s eyes which I love as I spend a lot of time on my Sims’ makeup!

Sunglasses #2 Avant Sunglasses V2

You just cannot be looking for sunglasses for your Sims and not download some that go on top of your Sims’ heads! V2 of the Avant Sunglasses by Suzue fits that need for sunglasses on your head quite easily and comes with ten swatches to easily match pretty much anything that needs a classic sunglasses look.

Sunglasses #3 – Kaiden Sunglasses

I just could not spotlight sunglasses only on female Sims! I adore this pair of sunglasses, the Kaiden Sunglasses by Suzue! The metallic shine really gives that higher fashion vibe to any Sim popping these bad boys on! These lovelies come in twelve swatches and fit Teen through Elder Sims. They are absolutely perfect to add some extra flair to your Sims in suits.

Sunglasses #4 – MALIKA Glasses

Need high fashion and an accessory to really spice up your look for your Sims?  Well, the MALIKA glasses by Plumbob n Fries are sure to bring a bold statement to any look.  These bright shades come in eleven swatches and offer a nice narrow but elegantly bold shape to jazz up your Sim’s look.

Sunglasses #5 – Avant Sunglasses 

Toddler Version, Child Version, Adult Version

Very similar in style to the Avant Sunglasses V2, only this version goes on your Sims’ face.  These sunglasses are available for every age of Sim and come in ten swatches (for toddlers).  The Avant Sunglasses are your classic sunglasses that really go with a lot of outfits, so a very good choice when downloading CC!

Sunglasses #6 – Boho Circle Sunglasses

The Boho Circle Sunglasses by OranosTr are perfect for a vibrant Spring or Summer look! The boho design gives the glasses a nice trendy style while still remaining elegant and light with the thin frames. These glasses come in twelve swatches some more of a solid and others in a lovely multi-colored gradient.

Sunglasses #7 – Malena Cat Eye Sunglasses

Not all sunglasses will fit your Sims’ lovely facial features, just like IRL you need to have options!  Sometimes you just need a good cat-eye-shaped pair of sunglasses for those Sims with defined brows and high cheekbones.  Feyona’s Malena Cat Eye Sunglasses come in twenty-five swatches… all ranging from white to leopard print.  Of course, I am a sucker for leopard print sunglasses so I absolutely love these… strangely I really like the white swatch as well… which is different for me, usually it is patterns or black and red.


As always there are loads of sunglasses to download here at The Sims Resource! These are only seven of the many great options to select from.  Of course, I am a firm believer in just downloading ALL of them… but you do you and enjoy your CC!

And as always everything used here is ALL CC from here at The Sims Resource!

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