Stay Up – May & June 2022 Spring Content Roadmap

Spring is here, and with it comes our May and June content roadmap for Spring 2022!

First, check out this video that The Sims team posted on Twitter:

“Lights Out – step into the moonlight and explore who you are after dark” – and in the darkness we’re finding three new releases! Two of them are listed as kits for “Chic Nights Out” and “Cozy Nights In,” and the third is a game pack listed as “Go Wild.”

The teaser video seems to allude to three different scenarios, which just so happen to loosely correspond to the three items on the road map:

Chic Nights Out

Chic Nights Out could be tied to this sim, getting dressed up and going out. Presumably, at least this kit would be targeting CAS.

Cozy Nights In

Then there’s the scene of the children, which could be tied to “Cozy Nights In,” as the promo mentions “making memories in your backyard.” Is this going to be a CAS or Build/Buy kit? It could contain some sort of outdoor-themed patio/family activity objects. It could also be a CAS kit, as the companion to Chic Nights Out, but instead offering sweaters/jumpers and more casual clothing.

Go Wild

That leaves the last one as this moonlit bay, which could be related to the “Go Wild” game pack:

A full moon over a sparkling bay.The big hype around this that it seems to signify werewolves. What do you think – are werewolves something you would be interested in your game? Having a world full of spellcasters, vampires, and werewolves seems like it would be quite a fun dynamic! (And ripe with opportunity for new scenarios…)

(This is also assuming that werewolves would be able to be turned off. Not everyone likes the supernatural!)


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