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Room Reno #53: Vintage Farmhouse

Welcome back to Room Reno #53 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a couple who want their modern home to feel like a vintage farmhouse. Let’s meet them!

Meet the Wilsons!

Zach and Riley moved into a new home in Oasis Springs from Brindleton Bay, but there’s just one problem: their new home is totally modern, and it doesn’t fit their styles at all. Their biggest concern is their bedroom, which they both find to be stark, cold, and impersonal compared to their room at their old house. In order to warm it up and make it feel like home, they want something that reminds them of their farming roots. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

This room is…small, stark, and impersonal, just like Zach and Riley said, huh?It can be homey with just a few changes, though! The biggest cost is going to be swapping out the windows for something a little more cozy, but still modern–I want them to fit with the rest of the house’s exterior but bring some warmth into the room. The color scheme is also going to be warm neutrals, with greens and yellows and golds helping bring the space together. Let’s get planning!

The Planning

The floorplan here is pretty simple, though it does open the space up more than the original layout did. By moving the bed away from the door, the room will feel larger than it did when the bed was right next to it. The dresser and mirror opposite the bed will provide a good space to get ready in without making the space feel too empty or blank. By replacing the windows, the room will be completely transformed into a vintage farmhouse without having to move back to Brindleton Bay! Let’s get building.

The After

This room feels like it’s straight out of an old book in the best possible way. The furniture from the Cottage Living pack worked perfectly with the theme, and I was really excited to find CC objects and items that helped bring my vision to life and made it even better than what I had imagined. The bed is definitely the focal point of the room, but I really love the carpet–it ties together all the accent colors perfectly (and it makes me want an irl rug!).

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