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Sunshine Tours – TSR Beach Lots

Are you ready for a sizzling hot summer vacation? Grab your swimsuit and sunscreen and let’s go hit the beach!  There are lots of options for Sim Beach Lots at The Sims Resource.  Sim on the Beach

Lucy from Sunshine Tours will be our Sim guide as we look at lots suitable for the Beaches of Sulani.  Lucy is a professional real estate agent with an eye for the best waterfront deals.  We are going to test out and highlight ten lots so that you can get your beach on! These lots are going to be a variety of residential and community lots, this way you can get the full beach experience.

Residential Lots

Sim Cooking in Beach house

Lucy’s Swimsuit & Hair

With any great beach vacation comes a great place to stay.  Whether you are living on the beach or just visiting the beach. The following five lots are a fabulous addition to your Sulani worlds.  With variety in mind, we have several options to select from.  Keep in mind there are loads more residential beach lots here at The Sims Resource.

#1 –  Xandralynn’s Ocean Pearl

Sim Beach Lot

Xandralynn’s Ocean Pearl is a lovely bungalow-style beach home that sits on a 30×20 lot.  This lot has two bedrooms and one bathroom and is suitable for families of up to four Sims. The house is decorated in a bright waterfront theme with no CC added.  Lucy really enjoyed the bright decor and appliances! Teal and orange are perfect for a beach bungalow!Beach House for Sims

#2 – Floating Beach House

Sims Beach House

The Floating Beach House by MiniSimmer is a landscaped and architectural wonder.  This lovely home has one bedroom and two bathrooms.  The lot has no CC used and is decorated fabulously.  The rooms offer lots of natural lighting with a nice island breeze.  If you are traveling solo or with one other Sim, this is the perfect beach lot for you.

Sim beach house

#3 – Gloria

Sim Houseboat

Melapples’ Gloria is a nice open floor plan yacht.  This lovely boat floats on with no additional CC and was made for the Sand Simoleon Beach in Sulani.  This yacht has all of your Sims’ on-water needs; a cozy bed, reading area, hot tub, and eating area.  This particular lot… yacht was Lucy’s favorite.  She is traveling alone and the size was quite perfect with great decor and amenities! Lucy felt right at home on the Gloria and could live here happily for a very long time.

Sims 4 House boat

#4 Tropical Tiny House Resort

Sim Beach Resort

Need a larger lot for a large family or friend vacation?  The Tropical Tiny House Resort by Sarina_Sims is perfect for Sims to vacation with their loved ones, but still, get a little bit of privacy.  This lot is designed with natural pools and waterfalls and is quite a landscaping marvel.  Each tiny house has a bedroom and a bathroom, perfect for individual or couple privacy.  There is a communal area that includes an eating area and bar.

Sims Beach Resort

#5 Mama Marina

Sims Marina and Boat

Looking for a lot with lots of options?  The Mama Marina by Dasie2 has options for you! You can live on the boat, or in the marina house… or both.  This lot is stacked with activities and relaxation areas making this lot your perfect beach party location!  Bars, music, activity, and beautiful scenery all right here on this lot!

Sims Marina and boatCommunity Lots

Sim Beach Restaurant

Lucy’s Top, Bottom, & Shoes

For a full beach vacation effect for your Sims, you will need non-residential Sim beach lots.  There is a wide variety here at The Sims resource we have everything from restaurants, parks, beaches to spas, and more.  There are even mermaid-inspired lots, so there is no limit to how awesome your world can become!

#1 – Blue sand Beach

Sim Beach Lot

Looking for a place to relax while the family splashes around the beach?  Lucy recommends Lotsbymanal’s Blue Sand Beach.  There is plenty for all Sims here and lots of relaxation opportunities; water floats, boating, lounge chairs, drinks, and massage chairs and tables.  Right on the waterfront gives beachgoers lots of activities and breathtaking scenery.

Sims 4 Beach

#2 – Ohan’ Ali Beach Spa

Sims 4 Spa

The Ohah’ Ali Beach Spa by Semir8 is a full-service spa that you can place on a 30×30 lot.  The deco and style works well in Sulani and is designed for some waterfront yoga classes.  This lot contains no CC objects.  There is a steam room, a place for mud baths, massage chairs and tables, and yoga mats. The spa even has a bar right near the hottubs!  The Ohah’ Ali Beach Spa is definitely on Lucy’s list of recommended Sulani places.

Sims 4 SpaThe staff at this spa is well trained and able to provide all the services of a fully functional spa.  Lucy did have a small concern about the steam room, the view was great, but it felt like someone was watching her.

Sims 4 Spa

#3 – Ocean Beach Kiosk

Sim Beach Lot

Looking for the perfect beach spot location with easy access to drinks and snacks?  Look no further than the Ocean Beach Kiosk by MychQQQ.  This lovely kiosk is well decorated and brightly lit for even late-night beachgoers.  The lot functions best as a cafe but offers the same amenities as a beach and more.  Floatation devices, lounge chairs, ocean access, and jetskis can all be found right at the kiosk.

Sims Cafe on the Beach

#4 – Beach Side Restaurant

Sim Beach Restaurant

Lotsbymanal’s Beach Side Restuarant is a lovely addition to any game save.  This functional restaurant is ready to go from the download.  Like many other lots, this is not just a restaurant lot.  The Beach Side Restaurant has a natural pool in the back of the restaurant and easy access to the beach, in addition to great food!  The vibrant colors and decoration make this lot a very fun place for waterfront dining.  Lucy loves it here and recommends the Lobster Thermidor.

Sim Beach Restaurant

#5 Hortensia Bar

Sim Beach Bar

The Hortensia Bar by Melapples is another all-inclusive lot for the beaches of Sulani.  The general purpose ofthe lot is to function as a bar, however, it offers so much more.  For starters, the lot itself is breathtaking.  The lot is very green with lots and lots of plants, making my inner crazy plant person quite happy.  The lot offers beachfront access to swimming, plenty of places to relax, drinks, and food.  Lucy especially liked the swing benches, as they were quite comfortable and relaxing.

Beach BarSummary

Sim Beach Cafe

I hope you found some amazing new lots to download for your world. Sim beach lots are some of my most downloaded lots.  I really think I could stay in Sulani and play there for my entire gameplay time.  The world is breathtaking and the lighting is truly amazing!  and… with these lots, my world is even lovelier!  I have the full beach life experience for my Sims!

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