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Fairytale Tours on TSR

Welcome to Fairytale Tours on The Sims Resource! Today we are going to take you through some of the wonderful fairytale lots here at The Sims Resource.  My name is Jezi, and I will be your guide today as we check out some of these amazing builds!

Fairytale Tours Welcome

#1 Beauty & The Beast Castle by MychQQQ

This incredibly designed Disney-inspired lot is one of the many castles you can find here at The Sims Resource.  This lot is inspired by the Disney movie Beauty and The Beast.  The Artist of this incredible fairytale lot, MychQQQ has spared no detail in this inspired build.  This lot does contain CC so please make sure to download everything listed so that the lot displays as intended.

Disney Inspired Fairytale Castle for the Sims 4

This castle sits on a 64×64 lot and has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two living rooms.  The lot is designed to be placed on the 64×64 Windenburg lot.  If your Sims desire this majestic Disney-inspired life then they will need a whopping §630,733 to move in.

Disney Inspired Fairytale Castle for the Sims 4

#2 Fairytale Castle by Simsbylinea

Looking for a fairytale lot or smaller castle without CC? Well, here at The Sims Resource we have just the lot for you!  The Fairytale Castle by Simsbylinea.  This lot comes with a waterfall, towers, and a library; most importantly the pond has Koi.

Fairytale castle for the Sims 4

This 40×30 gem is built to be placed in Willow Creek.  It is the perfect mix of candlelight and natural light, providing sims with a super dreamy aesthetic.  This lot has one bedroom and one bathroom, in a very open layout.  Your Sims can purchase their fairytale dream lot for §226,218.

Inside a fairytale castle for Sims

#3 Xandralynn’s Sirens Cove

According to legends, this castle was once underwater, consequently, the decorations and landscaping make that seem very probable.  With the decoration style, the lot looks as if it would be or had been underwater.  This lot by Xandralynn is bright, colorful, and full of story and screenshot opportunities!

Fairytale Mermaid castle for The Sims

This lot is a 50×50 lot with plenty of water surrounding it.  The listed location for this build is on the Admiral’s Wreckage lot in Sulani.  The lot includes one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen area.  Your Mersims can move in today for the price of §198,901. Just a note there are a couple of wall stickers and paints outside of TSR that if you want the lot to look identical to the artist’s photos you will need these items.

inside a Mermaid Castle for the Sims

#4 The Castle Restaurant by Bozena

Do you desire more than just fairytale residential lots? Well, here at The Sims Resource, there are artists who provide complete restaurants just for you!! There are even restaurants, parks, and other lots that you can create an entire fairytale world for your Sims!  One of the fantastic additions to really tie a fairytale theme to is the Caste Restaurant by Bozena.  This medieval-themed restaurant has plenty of decorations to really pull your Sims on an immersive dining experience!

Castle themed restaurant for the Sims 4

The lot is 30 x 20 and has no CC.  Bonzea designed this lot to go on the Windenburg old square lot, which fits the theme perfectly without converting the entire area of Windenburg.  You can buy this gorgeous lot for §236.416.

A Restaurant open in The Sims 4

#5 VirtualFairytales’ Valentine Wedding

Need an amazing fairytale-themed location for a wedding? Well, VirtualFairytales has you completely covered with the Valentine Wedding lot.  This lot is a park, wedding chapel, party location, honeymoon suite, and bar ALL in one.  The lot is gorgeous and is decorated at a top level of detail making this lot an ideal location for wonderful wedding photos!

Place to have a Fairytale wedding in Sims 4

The lot itself sits on a 50×50 lot that should VirtualFairytales placed above the river in Windenburg.  This lot has no mods of CC and minimal expansion packs used.  The only listed packs are; City Living, Get Famous, and Holiday Celebration.

Fairytale wedding park for Sims


We hope that you have enjoyed your time with us today at Fairytale Tours!  Just keep in mind there are more fairytale-inspired lots here at The Sims Resource.  I enjoyed these builds so much they are in a saved game.  My Simself and family even moved into the Beauty and Beast inspired castle and they purchased the Castle Restaurant. Eliza is one of their best employees.

Eliza in a Castle Sims 4


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