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HSMTMTS: The Lookbook

Welcome back to The Sims Resource! Today I’ve created a lookbook based on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Season 2, which is currently premiering on Disney+, has been a wild ride so far–but the fashion has been even more fun to watch than the drama. Let’s get into this (spoiler free) HSMTMTS lookbook!

Nini Salazar-Roberts

Nini wears a wide variety of styles throughout the first few episodes of the season, but my favorite is this red patterned blouse and white skirt set from New Years’ Eve. The look is simple and preppy in a timeless way, and paired with her half-up hairdo it feels effortless and easy while still being elevated. The outfit ends with a simple pair of white boots–adding a little edge to an otherwise soft outfit.

Hair Shirt Skirt
Boots Eyebrows Lipgloss

Ricky Bowen

While Ricky may have turned into a bona fide theater kid in season one, his skater roots show in his laid back fashion. Even in the depths of Utah’s winters, Ricky wears a simple graphic tee, jeans, and Vans. Oh, and of course his guitar pick necklace (which Nini has a matching one to go with). What can I say? You can take the skater out of the skate park, but you can’t take the skate park out of the skater.

Hair Shirt Pants
Necklace Shoes Eyebrows

Gina Porter

Gina was my favorite character from season one in no small part due to her fashion. I love this matching tracksuit with a corresponding sweater vest, and the green shade it comes in makes it unexpected and fresh. Her hair is in its typical curly bun, keeping it out of her face so she can dance at auditions without getting whacked in the face by it. She completes the outfit with a pair of simple white tennis shoes–so she’s always prepared for a dance break.

Hair Jacket Pants
Shoes Eyebrows Hair Wrap

Big Red

Big Red is charming and lovable as Ricky’s best friend in season one, and seeing more of him in season two of HSMTMTS is a joy. He also still wears his skater style, layering up a bit more than Ricky with an army green hoodie over a tee shirt. He pairs it with jeans and…are those tap shoes? Looks like Mr. Red might just be up for the spring musical himself this year. We’re rooting for you, Big Red!

Hair Sweatshirt Jeans
Shoes Eyebrows

Ashlyn Caswell

Ashlyn played Ms. Darbus in the first season and is ready to kill her audition for the spring musical. She pairs an adorable plaid blazer with an orange shirt underneath. She finishes the look with some mom jeans and combat boots. The blazer helps make the look professional, while the jeans and combat boots make it casual and comfy for auditions. Ashlyn wears her hair half-up for auditions–an easy way to pull it out of her face so she can slay the stage.

Hair Blazer Pants
Shoes Eyebrows Freckles


Kourtney was the show’s costume designer in season one of HSMTMTS, and in season 2 she’s looking to get on stage herself! For her audition outfit, she pairs a fierce red pinafore with a long sleeve layered underneath, and some booties to give a little height and elevate the look. Her hair is in its signature curls with chandelier earrings accenting the outfit. Courtney was a fashion icon in season one, and I hope her looks in season two get even more fabulous!

Hair Pinafore Earrings
Shoes Eyebrows Lipstick

Thank you for checking out our High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Lookbook! Man, is that name a mouthful. Let’s call it HSMTMTS for now on. If you loved this lookbook, be sure to check out our Shadow and Bone Lookbook or our Cottage Living Trailer Breakdown! Thanks for reading 😀

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