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Sim Summer Fashion at The Sims Resource

Start your Sims’ Summer off to a hot start with custom content from The Sims Resource!  The artists here at The Sims Resource have loads of fantastic summer fashion for your Sims!  So let’s take a look at what is hot for Sim summer fashion!

Sim Summer Fashion

There are many summer fashion trends for 2021, a lot of these trends can be found within CC here at The Sims Resource.  The following is a brief summary of ten expected 2021 fashion trends, that can be found as CC on The Sims Resource. I avoided the typical trends such as denim shorts, flip flops, and tropical prints, just to make sure you can see some other summer trends. 

#1 Bralettes

One of the bigger anticipated summer fashion trends is the bralette, bra top, or crop top.  By definition, a bralette is a non-wired or less structured, lightweight bra.  Traditionally bralettes were worn for comfort reasons, but now they are also a fashion trend.  It is no wonder that bralettes show during the hot summer season, as they are in no doubt much cooler than many other top options.

#2 Black and White Designs – 
Monochrome Style

Don’s Top & Bottoms   Nina’s Dress

Black and white or gray designs are predicted to be in style this summer.  Traditionally when we think of summer fashion we think of bright and bold colors. However many fashion sites have black and white designs as a trend for the 2021 Summer Fashion.  I am a huge fan of black and white designs and 100% on board with this trend! 

#3 Glitter

Glitter has recently been a top trend in many areas of fashion and beauty.  From eyeshadow, lipstick, accessories, and clothing, glitter can be found everywhere!  Glitter is still looking super popular for 2021’s summer season and appears to be increasing in popularity for apparel.

#4 Pastels
Sims Pastel Dresses

Moira’s Romper    Dina’s Minidress

Normally for me when I think of pastels in fashion I think of spring, but not for 2021 pastels are expected to be a big part of summer fashion.  I am seeing a lot of fun pastel yellows and pinks in the summer fashion so far.

#5 Strappy Sandals
Summer Sandals

From left to right Top – 1, 2, 3 Bottom – 1, 2, 3

Who doesn’t love strappy sandals for a fancy summer night out!  Strappy sandals like gladiators are expected to be in again this summer!  Even for Sim summer fashion, you can find loads of strappy sandals for your Sims to rock!  There is quite a bit of variety for sandals at The Sims Resource, it’s a good thing you can never have too many shoes!

#6 Mini Skirts
Summer Mini Skirt

Nancy – Top & Mini Skirt

The classic mini skirt is back, well did it really ever leave?  Mini skirts are expected to be a hot trend this summer and we have plenty of them on The Sims Resource.  A mini skirt makes sense for hot weather fashion unless it is a leather mini skirt, which might negate the cooling effect altogether.

#7 Animal Print

Nancy – Bralette

Animal prints in my mind go hand in hand with the classic mini skirt.  When doesn’t an animal print mini skirt work?  Cow print is still big, as is snake print, and zebra print. My favorite classic, traditional leopard print is not as popular currently as the others which makes me slightly sad.  I have large amounts of leopard print CC that I have downloaded and IRL clothing.

#8 Minimalism
Minimalism Fashion

Alice – Outfit & Shoes, Eric – Top & Bottoms, Vivian – Top & Bottoms

Minimalism has been a constant trend in pretty much everything from interior design, home building, beauty, and fashion.  So how does minimalism translate to fashion?  Well… quite easily actually.  My husband would be considered a minimalist in his fashion.  Basic tees or polos paired with cargo shorts or tactical pants. He has one small closet and it is not even half full.  Everything he wears has a function and a purpose for more than just a wear every now and again.

#9 Wide Leg Bottoms
Sim Summer Fashion

Supriya – Top & Pants

This trend threw me for a bit of a loop as many of the images I found while researching summer fashion trends showed jeans with wide legs.  If you have summers like I do… you will know that you do not want to wear jeans in crazy humidity in 90 degrees or higher.  But a trend is a trend even if I do not agree.  Technically this trend could be functional for a hot summer if the material was lightweight.  

#10 Ruffle & Puff Tops
Ruffle Top

Siobhan – Swimsuit

This is another fun trend that can be super fun or super hot if you pick the wrong material.  Ruffle tops and swimsuits in particular appear to be a projected trend for 2021’s summer fashion.  Of course here at The Sims Resource we already have quite a few options of fun summer ruffles for your Sim summer fashion!


As you can tell from the images, you can find many trends in one design.  For example, the one-piece wide-leg jumpsuits really scream 2021 summer fashion.  They can come in a variety of prints and some even have puff or ruffle sleeves.

Katrina – Jumpsuit   Morgan – Pants & Sandals

Obviously, some of these projected summer fashion trends do not sound appealing to me, as I would get really hot in jeans or thicker ruffle shirts where I live during summertime.  However, for Sim summer fashion, does the material really matter in regards to the material?  If the outfit is marked as a hot weather outfit it will act as such even if the Sim is wearing a coat! 

Justin – Top, Sunglasses, & Shorts

We hope you found some fun new CC for your Sims’ summer looks! If you would like to check out more fashion blogs I suggest our Cow Print Blog, Townie Sims Fashion, Cottagecore Lookbook, Y2k/Soft Girl Lookbook, or Streetwear Lookbook.

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